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This is our Social Studies Project script from our show!! enjoy! :)

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Live from Florence Talk Show Script

  1. 1. *The Talk Show: Live from Florence: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci (16 years into the future)* Dominique (host): Good evening everyone!! Welcome to the Dominique show, Live from Florence, Italy! Tonight, we have 2 special guests! These are very special guests because they came from the time machine that Linda Lazzari invented last year. Dominique (host): OH! and just remember this, they do not know modern technology. Now we welcome our first guest, Michelangelo Buonarroti! Linda (Michelangelo): Ciao, io mi chiamo Michelangelo, nice to meet you, everyone! Dominique (host): So, today, we will be asking some questions to Michelangelo. Since this is the only chance before he returns to the past. By the way, this interview is live on TV worldwide. Dominique (host): It is nice to see you here in the 21st century! How the trip into the future, was it okay? Linda (Michelangelo): Yes, it was okay, it was a bit bumpy though! Dominique (host): Is Michelangelo Buonarroti your full name?
  2. 2. Linda (Michelangelo): No, my full name is; Michelangelo di LodovicoBuonarrotiSimoni. Dominique (host): WOW! That is a really long name!! Do you know what it means? Linda (Michelangelo): It means, “Who resembles God.” Dominique (host): That is very nice! Dominique (host): What part of Italy are you from and when is your birthday? Linda (Michelangelo): I am born on the sixth of March in 1475. I am from Caprese, near Florence, Italy. Dominique(host): It is said that you were against the church. Is that true?? Linda(Michelangelo): Well…Yes because they accused me of having an illegal bible. Dominique(host): Interesting….I never knew that! Dominique (host): Well Michelangelo, Here is a very big question! What are you well known for? Linda (Michelangelo): hmmm..... I did lots of masterpieces, but the ones that sold the most were:
  3. 3. 1. the sculpture of Moses 2. the sculpture of David 3. The painting on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel Dominique (host): Wow! That was really interesting! Thank you Michelangelo for letting me interview you! Linda (Michelangelo): You’re welcome! it was an honor to talk to you future people! Ciao! (Michelangelo leaves.....) Dominique (host): Now that was the real Michelangelo!!!! Next up, we have another great person coming up! After the commercial break!!! (Commercialbreak...15secs) Dominique (host): We are back!!! The next person that we will be interviewing now is...............Leonardo Da Vinci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda (Leonardo): Hello humble people! I am very happy to be here. What is your name? Dominique (host): My name is Dominique and I will be asking you some questions tonight on live worldwide! Let’s get started! The first question would be about your mysteries. So, tell me something about your mysteries. Linda(Leonardo): Well, I usually used codes and reverse writing for my notes so
  4. 4. that no one could read what I wrote except for me. I was scared that if the things that I invented/experimented fell into the wrong hands, it would cause lots of problems. Would that be considered as a mystery? Dominique (host): Yes! That was an excellent answer! I think that the investigators learned a lot from that! Dominique (host): Leonardo, How do you feel now that all of your secrets have been published, on TV, and in books? Linda (Leonardo): Wow really? I never knew that! It’ll depend what information the people know, but as long as the people don’t know how to read my notes, then I will be fine with that. Then it means that when I return, I might want to make my notes even harder by making music notes as secret parts leading to my secrets! Dominique (host): What is the meaning of the, “Vitruvian Man?” Linda (Leonardo): The Vitruvian Man is based on notes of the work by the famous architect, Vitruvius. It is a male figure in two positions with his arms and legs apart and inscribed in a circle and square. The drawing and text are called, “the Canon of Proportions.” Dominique (host): How was your childhood? Linda (Leonardo): My childhood....The first five years of my life, I lived in the
  5. 5. Hamlet of Anchiano which is the home of my mother. Then from 1457, I lived in the house of my father, grandparents, uncle, and Francesco Melz’s house. It was there that I was trained to become an artist. Dominique (host): What is your full name? Linda (Leonardo): My full name is Leonardo di serPiero da Vinci. Dominique (host): Great!! Just asking but who is Francesco Melz? Linda (Leonardo): OOOH, he is a nobleman's son and he worked a lot with me because he was a painter. Francesco also accompanied me to my trip to Rome and France. He is a good friend to work with. Dominique (host): I bet he was a very good friend....Thank you Leonardo! I think we got lots of information from this interview!! It was very nice to have you here tonight! Bye! Linda (Leonardo): Grazzie!! Grazzie!! e ciao a tutti!! Dominique (host): Those were some interesting interviews... Thank you for tuning in on the Dominique show! See you next time! 