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My Passion

  1. 1. CamBYping JADEN
  2. 2. •You should go camping! • 1. WHY should you go camping? • Because you can fish, hunt, meet new people, hang out with friends, have campfire cooked food, enjoy the fresh smell of air, test your skills, and have a break from home.
  3. 3. • 2. Where are good places to go camping in Saskatchewan?• In Saskatchewan there are a lot of good places to go camping. It all depends on what country you like to camp in. If you like to camp down south, a couple good places to go are, Reid lake, Diefenbaker lake, Pelletier lake, If you like up North with lots of trees a couple good lakes to go to would be, Loon Lake, Meadow lake, Cold lake, Pierce lake, and Dill Barry lake are all good lake to go to, and there are lots more.• 3. What is the best part about camping? There are a lot of good parts about camping but I think the best is camping with friends and family, and having fun.• 4.What do you learn from camping? You learn lots of stuff when you are camping like, How to fish or new places to fish, How to start a fire, how to cook a good meal over the camp fire, how to set up a tent, and how to make something out of a trees..
  4. 4. • 5.Here are ten reasons why you should go camping!• 1. See Friends• 2. Go Fishing• 3. The Smell of fresh air• 4. To See squires• 5. Go Swimming in the lake• 6. To Have a break from home• 7. Eat Campfire food• 9. Test your survival skills• 10. To have an awesome time
  5. 5. Recipes For Camping!• Breakfast Burritos• Ingredients (for 1 serving):• cooking spray• 1 medium tortilla• 1-2 eggs, depending on preference• 2 bacon strips• Optional: onion and green pepper• Salt and pepper• To make these quick, easy-to-eat breakfast burritos, start by building a bed of hot coals and setting a frying pan on them. Give the pan a shot of cooking spray, and place the bacon strips on it. While the pork’s sizzling, use a mixing bowl to whip the eggs and optional chopped onion or peppers together. When the bacon’s done, set it aside on a couple of paper towels and pour your egg mixture in the pan. Stir frequently, as the coals will be hotter than the eggs’ optimum cooking temperature. When they’re finished (it should only be 5-10 minutes), lay the already cooked bacon and fresh eggs in the center of your tortilla, salt and pepper to taste, and roll it on up.
  6. 6. • Barbecue Burgers• Ingredients (for 1 serving):• cooking spray• 1 quarter pound beef• 2 tbsp of your favorite brand of barbeque sauce• a hamburger bun• Optional: your preferred condiments, including lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.• Salt and Pepper• This exceedingly simple lunch staple uses barbeque sauce to improve upon any potential culinary shortcomings associated with open-fire cooking. To start, build a cooking fire, let it burn down to hot coals, and place a small grill grate or frying pan on top. Mix a tablespoon of barbeque sauce into your ground beef, and form it into a patty (incorporating the sauce with the raw burger imparts flavor and helps the patty stick together when flipped). When formed, place the patties on the pan or grate, flipping once every 4-5 minutes until the meat’s juices are running clear. Finally, slather on the other tablespoon of barbeque sauce, slap the patty on a bun with your favorite condiments, and enjoy!
  7. 7. • Pot Pie in a Pouch• Ingredients (for 1 serving):• cooking spray• ¼ to 1/3 pound ground beef• 1 small diced potato• your choice of vegetables, including green beans, carrots, onions, green pepper – or anything you like!• Salt and pepper• Before the cooking starts, you’ll need a bed of hot coals to work with and some aluminum foil. Lay the foil flat, spray it with some cooking spray, and place all of your ingredients in the center together, separating the ground beef into pieces so you don’t end up with a semi-raw patty. Then, fold up the foil so it encloses the ingredients in a pouch form, and simply place the pouch inside the bed of coals. Keep in mind that it’s very hot in there, so you’ll need to check the enclosure early and often. Cooking time is roughly 15 minutes, depending on the coals’ temperature.
  8. 8. What do you want to pack for camping?
  9. 9. Dairy Meat jam chocolate barseggs hamburgers bbq sauce crunch n munchmilk hot dogs salad dressing chips Suppliescheese slices bacon oil freezies Cooking Supplies Lightingcheddar cheese steak vinegar ice cream weiner sticks matchesmozzarella cheese pork chops salt pop corn pie iron fire startercheese whiz chicken pepper trail mix Bar-B-Q lantern mantleslunch meat garlic powder Bar-B-Q brush lantern fuelsausages onion powder dish soap propaneFruits and Vegetables ______________________ sugar paper plates strikercanned pineapple flour pot scratcher newspaperoranges Breads and Cereals baking powder tupperwareapples hamburger buns baking soda tin foilpotatoes hot dog buns pam ziplock baggies Shelter/Beddingcarrots bread soup garbage bags sleeping bagsmushrooms cereal tarpsonions pancake mix Cleaning and Personal Items clothes pinscanned corn pizza dough Health Cleaning Miscellaneous lawn chairscucumber perogies bandaids soap water chair coverssalad mix rice packages cotton balls shampoo spare gas laundry detergenttomatoes kraft dinner first aid kit towels shovel fabric softenercelery crackers tylenol facecloths GPSpea pods tylenol cold toothpaste duct tapeBeverages tylenol allergy toothbrush phone ClothingCondiments pop anti-itch cream deodorant camera clothesketchup juice vitamins kleenex books rubber bootsmustard beer burn ointment toilet paper money jacketsrelish coffee tweezers paper towel helmets mud pantsmayonaise tums wet ones riding gear shortssyrup sunscreen brush swim suitspizza sauce Snacks bugspray combpeanut butter turnovers T5
  10. 10. PHOTO STORY!!!29/12/2099
  11. 11. Bibliography• /camping%20list.htm• Me