What is typically included in a teaser trailer?


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This is a simple presentation created for my A2 Media coursework(a blog), that explains the simple features of a teaser trailer, with a little bit of analysis.

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What is typically included in a teaser trailer?

  1. 1. What is typically involved/included in a teaser trailer? A2 MEDIA BLOG BY JADE MELADY
  2. 2. Sound • Sound is a key feature in any teaser trailer, and there are two types: diegetic(sound on screen) and non- diegetic(sound put over original clip – off screen). Dialogue(diegetic): - Dialogue is a key feature in a teaser trailer, it allows the audience to hear the key moments in the film, it gives them a glimpse at the narrative and view the funny moments of the film, this makes the audience want to go and watch the feature. Background music(non- diegetic): - Music/soundtrack put on during editing can dramatically enhance the power of a teaser trailer. It can make it more rememberable and give it an edge. It can make it more dramatic and intriguing. Editing/special sound effects(non- diegetic&diegetic): - Whether on screen or off screen, sound effects such as, explosions, a radio/television or a gun shot, can enhance the drama, action and suspense of a teaser trailer and make it more interesting.
  3. 3. Characters Character introduction is near essential in a teaser trailer. It allows the audience to immediately create a relationship with the characters and makes them want to watch it to find out their fate. HERO: - The teaser trailer allows the audience to see who the hero is immediately in the film, which makes the audience want to watch it to see if they ‘win’. VILLAIN: - The audience can immediately identify the villain, in order to ‘pick a side’ as such. They not even be a villain, just an opposite character to the main one. Such as Twilight, Team Edward and Team Jacob. – This allows a fan base to form. STARS: - If a star/celebrity is used in a film that has a popular fan base, this will immediately attract fans into watching the film over another, for example, if you’re a fan of Hugh Jackman, you’re more likely to watch The Wolverine than Batman..
  4. 4. Comedy moments The funny parts of a film are also often included in the film’s teaser trailer in order to attract the audience into watching the film because it appears funny. Action packed/dramatic moments The most dramatic an action packed moments of the film are often included in the teaser trailer. Including these dramatic and action filled sequences gives the audience the feeling of eagerness, making them want to continue watching and making them want to know how it ends, encouraging them to watch to the feature.
  5. 5. Production Company and Directors The production company’s logo and name are often shown at the start, and the end of a film trailer, making the audience aware of who’s film it is. The reputation of a production company can make or break the film; if someone has seen a film by a certain production company that they hated and thought was constructed awfully, they are less likely to view another one of their films. And vice versa. The directors name is allow more than likely shown in a teaser trailer. A well known director or producer could attract a large audience, for example, for small independent films, a director such as Shane Meadows (This is England) would attract fans, and for larger productions, someone like John Carpenter(The Thing).
  6. 6. Props Props are always used in teaser trailers in order to display the main themes and show the audience a glimpse at the story line. For example, - a prop such as a gun, would imply a genre such as action, crime, gangsta or thriller. A gun in a film would suggest a character is in trouble, dies, or murders someone. - a prop such as a flashy, racing, smart sports car, would imply a film with a car theme, such as action, thriller or possibly romance. For example, a film with all of these, Transporter 2.