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Infographic - Innovating Energy and Utilities Using IoT


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Infographic - Innovating Energy and Utilities Using IoT

  1. 1. THE ENERGY LANDSCAPE IS CHANGING Growing Customer Expectations Changing Regulatory Requirements Shifting Energy Resources THE ITRON RESOURCEFULNESS INDEX FOUND 83% of Utility Executives feel transformation is needed 68% said they would invest in IT services with… 55% believe the industry is not running efficiently 58% saying they would specifically invest in the Internet of Things THE CHALLENGES ARISING FROM THIS ARE DIVERSE AND NUMEROUS Regulatory Requirements and Infrastructure Updates 94% of utility executives agree changing government policy hinders infrastructure investment (Itron Resourcefulness Index, 2014) Increasingly Distributed Resources In 2015 the UK transported: 307TWH of electricity across 813,000KM of cables 722TWH of gas across 272,000KM of pipes (Ofgem) Deployment Of New Technologies 66% believe that the fast pace of technology innovation is a growing or urgent concern (Itron Resourcefulness Index, 2014) MOST IMPORTANTLY, THERE IS AN OVERARCHING NEED FOR IMPROVED EFFICIENCY IN ORDER TO… Reduce Cost and Increase Profits • Improve Customer Service Improve Quality of Energy Services Provided THE INTERNET OF THINGS IS HELPING TO ANSWER THESE CHALLENGES, AND IS GROWING RAPIDLY IN THE ENERGY AND UTILITIES INDUSTRY… IoT energy market to grow at 21.1% CAGR , reaching a global market value of $22.34 Billion by 2020 (Markets and Markets) 2014-15 adoption of M2M technology is higher in the energy and utilities sector than any other (Vodafone M2M Barometer) $201 Billion worldwide revenue opportunity presented by the IoT for the utilities industry by 2018 (IDC) THE INTERNET OF THINGS ENABLES REMOTE MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT OF THE ENTIRE ENERGY AND UTILITIES ESTATE FROM GENERATION THROUGH TRANSMISSION TO DISTRIBUTION By utilising the Internet of Things, energy and utilities providers are enabling new business and operational models, and driving greater efficiencies through the company. I N T R O D U C I N G 4G LTE ENTERPRISE NETWORKING FOR IOT Enterprise-grade security Seamlessly integrates Works out-of-the-box Cloud-managed API for direct application integration Highly scalable and flexible Failover to 3G and 2G Can be deployed quickly Cost-effective Works anywhere INNOVATING ENERGY AND UTILITIES H OW TH E I OT IS DRI V I N G E FFI CI E N CI ES Westbase Technology is a leading provider of cloud-managed 3G, 4G, and LTE networking solutions. We handpick our field-proven product and service range to ensure we offer only the best wireless technologies available. We couple this innovative portfolio with our extensive industry understanding, and unparalleled product knowledge, to deliver solutions which perfectly fit our customers’ requirements. Providing Internet of Things communication solutions for the monitoring and management of the core infrastructure in energy and utility companies, Westbase works with its partners to design solutions which are tailored to their requirements. Our 3G/4G networking solutions for energy and utilities help to streamline workflows and increase efficiency. Read the full whitepaper “Innovating Energy and Utilities: How the Internet of Things is Driving Efficiencies” by going to Energy Theft Energy theft and meter tampering costs £500 MILLION each year (British Gas)