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Risk Assesment


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Risk Assesment

  1. 1. JOHN CABOT Objective Company ACADEMY Filming Star Productions Probability Consequence Risk1. Remote – chances of event happening are almost zero. 1. Negligible - no injury or damage to property. High: 12 or higher.2. Unlikely - a foreseeable event, but very infrequent. 2. Minor – minor injuries (cuts, bruises), minor property damage. Medium: 7 to 11.3. Possible - event could occur sometime. 3. Serious – more serious injuries and serious damage to property. Low: 6 or less.4. Probable – event will occur less frequently, but is expected. 4. Major – major injury (hospital treatment, more than 3 days off).5. Almost certain - event expected or happens frequently. 5. Disaster - fatality or catastrophic damage to property. Hazard P C R H/M/ Control Measures P C R H/M/ L L PxC PxCPossible illness caused by cold 3 2 3 L Look at weather warnings before leaving to film and 3 2 6 Lweather make sure we are wearing the appropriate clothingBecause of winter and snow, 4 4 11 M Make sure that we stick to paths that we know have been 4 4 16 Hpossible injuries when filming on treated and wear suitable shoes for walking in the snowunsalted roadsFire hazard within John Cabot 2 5 8 M Make sure that if the sound alarms we know where the 2 5 10 Mbuilding whilst filming in the assembly point is and how to get therestudioPossible incident could happen 2 4 12 H Make sure that we can find safe crossings and take extra 2 4 8 Mwhen crossing the road precautions when watch for cars and bikesCompleted By: Star Productions Reviewed By: Reviewed By:Date Completed: 25/01/2013 Date Reviewed: Date Reviewed:Next Review Due: Next Review Due: Next Review Due: