Re- Written Evaluation


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Re- Written Evaluation

  1. 1. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationIn what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Before creating my AS 2 minute opening to a film I researched into different genres of film and looked closely at the conventions theyfollow. By researching into different genres and their target audience it meant that I was able to see the importance of portraying a cleargenre to the viewer. By having a clear genre it makes it easier for the audience to follow/understand what’s happening.Most of the researched 2 minute openings I watched showed clearly portrayal what genre they where. This is so that they can get theirtarget viewers attention right from the start. By understanding straight away what genre the film is it means that the audience can expectto see certain things that are fitting with the genre. This also helps them to understand the narrative early on because of the type of genreit is and what you can expect form it. Because of the short amount of time we had, I thought it would be best to stick to the traditionalconventions of the genre we decided to us so that the film was clear to the our target audience. By doing this we can also ensure that wecapture the attention of our target viewers.In my AS film opening because of the group of four girls we where in we thought it would be best to go down the chick flick route. Weresearched the conventions in ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ and ‘Wild Child’. When researching into the genre wefound that we had the right tools to be able to present this genre well. We were in a school and we all had different styles, which gave usthe inspiration to have separate characters that would appeal to our audience. We wanted to create distinct stereotypical characters sothat it wouldn’t take the viewer long to recognize what was happening. By creating characters in a traditional representation it means thatthe audience where able to match this with the genre and narrative in order to understand what has happening in the short space of timewe had.After looking at different genre’s of film and the conventions they had we decided to look into more detail at chick flick films and theconventions they carried. We all made separate textual analysis studies on the trailer for ‘St. Trinian’s’. This way we brought all the ideasthat we had from doing so and brought them together to help us apply those conventions to our film. This helped us get an idea of whatwere the traditional conventions of a chick flick. By looking at the Mise en Scene in detail it meant that we where able to take care of thedetails when filming and we knew what the correct thing was to do in order to fit to the chick flick traditional convention.
  2. 2. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationIn what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Examples: Mean Girls St. Trinians
  3. 3. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationHow does your media product present particular social groups?During the development of the film opening we wanted to make sure that we had clear characters that would fit the conventions of a chick flick.We also wanted the individual characters to be relatable to our audiences. Because of the different styles we all had within the group it meantthat we were able to develop our characters. We decided to go down a stereotypical route because we knew that it would fit the traditionalconventions of a chick flick.During this process we researched into different chick flicks, however one stood out to us, and that was St. Trinians. This is because theyrepresented different social groups traditionally. They stuck to the conventions that would apply to each character and was successful inportraying the individual groups. When watching the trailer I found myself categorizing who I am and trying to think which social group I wouldbe in. I knew that this was a successful way of presenting different social groups because it meant that I was relating to the characters. I wantedto have the same affect on our audience, therefore we decided to represent four different social groups in the same traditional way.When we had to choose what social groups to represent, this was easy for us to decide because we are all female students and we know thekinds of stereotypical social groups you find in school. We matched each person to a social group and developed it from there. We decided onnames, personalities and what they might like. By developing each character in this way it meant that we had a good understanding of how torepresent each social group and the conventions around each one.
  4. 4. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluation does your media product present particular social groups? Clip from Mean Girls describes social groups within a school 0.26- 0.34Examples:
  5. 5. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationHow does your media product present particular social groups?Examples:
  6. 6. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationWhat kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?A leading independent distribution company that releases films to the UK and the Republic of Ireland is, the Entertainment Film Distributors.Founded in 1978 they have distributed films like ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘St. Trinians’. Films of which they have released have won, 38 Oscars and22 BAFTA’. I think that originally when looking into what company would do the best job of distributing our film I would have looked at thiscompany, however after looking at other companies, I believe the best company to go with would be Universal.Companies like Paramount or Warner Brothers are the dominating companies of the media industry. This is because they are American, bigbudget business that can afford to distribute the films they feel fit with their brand. These are usually slightly sanitized films because they aredistributing to the world and want to appeal to wide ranges of people. They want to protect their brand image and in doing so you hardly findthem making for instance, social realist films. Although our film doesn’t fit into that genre it is British and it isnt completely sanitized in that way.Other smaller independent companies like Coffee Films wouldn’t fit our film because we would need the budget in order to reach all of ourtarget audience and with a genre like chick flick it is sometimes harder to do it on a small budget. This is especially when it would mainly befilmed in a school were there would have to be a lot of actors/actresses.Therefore I wanted to look at a distribution company that not only have the budget but and influences from the UK. The perfect distributioncompany for us would be Universal. This is because Universal have decided to join with a British film company called Working Title. By combiningthe two and creating this synergy it means that they are able to get a mix of influences when distributing films. They have produced box officehits like: ‘Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason’, ‘Bridesmaid’ and ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’.
  7. 7. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationWho would be the audience of your media product?Also how did you attract/address your audience?When looking at the genre, chick flick we knew that this style of film usually relates to females. We also knew that if we were going to be filming4 female characters in a school it would be aimed at a younger audience; preferably our viewers would be in school themselves. From theseideas we then went on to find out if this was true. Would girls aged 12-18 be interested in a chick flick. So we conducted a questionnaire, weasked as many people as we could to fill it out. After looking at the results we knew what age and gender our target audience was so we certifiedit age 12. This was so that some of our younger viewers as well as older viewers would be able to watch the film.One thing we didn’t know was what our viewers be able to relate to, what do they like? We needed to make sure that we had a more personalunderstanding of exactly who our viewers were. I decided to create a voki. In doing this I was able to think about what my viewer would look likeand what kinds of things she would be interested in. By creating a name for her and the things around her I was able to make it more personaland create a visual idea of who would watch our film. In doing this it meant that whenever we would make decisions about the film I wouldrelate it to the voki as if they were a person and think, would she like this?The ways in which we addressed our target audience was by having distinct stereotypical characters from 4 different social groups you might findaround a school. This meant that we were be to attract different kinds of audiences but the majority being young girls. We also made sure thateach character fitted the conventions of their social group. This would make it easy for the viewer to recognize the different characters straightaway. We wanted to make the characters likeable so we decided to show friendship between the 4 very different girls as the commondenominator. This is one thing that we knew our audience would respond well to. A theme of friendship was found in most of the chick flicks weresearched: ‘Mean Girl’, ‘Wild Child’ and ‘St. Trinians’. By recognizing this as a common ground for what we see in other chick flick films we knewthat combining the 4 characters as friends would be successful and that our target audience would respond well to this.The final way of making sure we were targeting the right audience was to get girls from different ages between our target audience to watch ourfilm opening. We asked them questions concerning the film like ‘were the characters easy to relate to’ and the replies where positive. We alsoasked them, ‘who was your favourite character’ and we had one reply, ‘all of them’. This reassured us that we were addressing our targetaudience in the right way.
  8. 8. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationWho would be the audience of your media product?Also how did you attract/address your audience?Examples: To view full video feedback scroll down on blog page
  9. 9. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationWhat have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?FilmingDuring the first stages of filming I felt that I leant the most. This is because we were able to test out what worked and what didn’t. It showed uswhat shots worked well because of how they were framed and what needed to be improved on. We were also able to learn more about thePentax DSLR cameras that we were using. We found that they weren’t always as reliable as we thought, we had to make sure that we had fullbattery before we went out to film. This is something that I didn’t really think of before but now I know that I should always make sure beforegoing filming. I have learnt that you have to think ahead when it comes to technology and be prepared.EditingDuring this project we used Premier Pro on the editing machines. Before doing this project I had some experience with using it but by editingmore in this project I found myself to be quicker at using it and understanding the functions more. I was also able to use After Effects. As a groupwe helped create the moving star background at the beginning of the footage. This was something I had never used before and I was able tolearn a lot about. I found that you could use this program for the different affects on fonts, backgrounds etc. in order to help improve the qualityof the finished product. I also learnt how to export different clips which meant that I could add multiple clips of our work to my blog.Using Digital TechnologyBefore this project I had never used blogger before, by using blogger in this project I managed to not only learn about how to use it but thefeatures that can go with it. In presenting my work in this way I felt that it was a more creative. I was also able to use features like voki, whichhelped me develop my ideas around target audience. I was also able to add things to my blog like power points via slide share; I could uploadvideos from YouTube and from the editing machine. This helped me develop my skills in using technology and it meant that it had a positiveaffect on the work I produced. From using blogger I now know how to use it correctly and I am learning about other features that I can matchwith it. This learning process has not only helped the overall outcome of my project but will help me in the future if I want to continue to learnother things within digital technology.
  10. 10. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluationWhat have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?Examples:
  11. 11. Jade DelaneyAS Foundation PortfolioEvaluation Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? From the preliminary task I feel that I’ve learnt how to produce a piece of footage that has thought out shots which I have been able to put together in editing with a sense of continuity about it. I have also learnt that in order to portray a message to the viewer (narrative of a film) it is key to consider Mise en Scene and other conventional aspects for the genre. There are important choices that have to be made pre filming in order to reach your target audience successfully. From when I did the preliminary task I feel that I have have been able to learn more about media studies in general. I have been able to explore more creative avenues which has opened up different ways I can present my work. By progressing in this way I will now be able to take the things that I have learnt from this project to help me in future projects.