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Focus group feedback on finished products


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Focus group feedback on finished products

  1. 1. Focus Group Feedback on FinishedProductsQ1. What do you like about my finished products?The people I asked mainly said they liked the layout of my products and likedthe fact that they were professional and looked like real magazine covers.Some also liked the creativity of a made up artist and the language used inquotes and cover lines. Some said they liked the contents page for giving theaudience a variety of things to look forward to through the magazine. Alsomost people liked the main images and redness of the pages and that it lookedfresh. It was also said to look bright and vibrant and they also liked that it waseasy to read and titles seemed in relation with the genre. Also some said theyliked that the front cover image was in a Guttenberg design and that theproducts were consistent of its house style. Alternatively some liked theMasthead and quotes used on the pages.Q2. What audience do you think my finished products are aimed at?Some said they thought the majority of people to enjoy this magazine is peoplebetween the ages of 15-25, also13-20, 14-20, 16 and over, most likely up to 40and 17-35, but every person I did ask said its available to both genders andsome other people that are younger and a little older than the age groups theysaid.Q3. Would you buy this magazine?Two people I asked said no because they weren’t in the age group that it wasaimed at and also because they didn’t like the music that it did. But the three Iasked that said yes said they would because they liked that kind of music, thekind of music that’s in the charts, because it looks rocky with the use of darkclothing and long hair and guitars used and that they liked that music, and thatit had interesting cover lines and looks professional.
  2. 2. Q4. What catches your eye to my finished products?Most people said the main images caught their eyes, massive headlines,bordered text and quotes, all the vibrant colours but mainly red, one said theguy with long hair on the contents page, also unique fonts, wide range ofimages, the divide on the double page spread and the main image because itdominates the page.Q5. What do you think I should change to make my finished productsbetter?On the front cover people said they would change the text at the bottom to beimages of the artists/bands, also add a price, make the main image smaller,less swear words, wouldn’t use colour blue on the text on the image and wouldchange it to white and would move the cover line above the images head so itwasn’t over his head. On the contents page, would add some more colourincluding green and purple, make colours consistent and straighten out thelayout of the page and line everything up, less images, make titles look morelike titles, make more colour co-ordinated, less shapes on page, make imagessame contrast and border images. On Double page spread, make imagecoloured, smaller image on page not needed, change image font to a moremainstream font because looks to bloody which is associated with rock, andadd page number.After this research on my final products I have learned that they were verysuccessful in looking professional, meeting the audiences needs and enjoyingthe cover lines and quotes. I now know what I would do differently if I was todo it again, including making everything colour co-ordinated, making imagesthe same contrast to blend in, adding a price on my front cover, andstraightening out layout and lining everything up.