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Orange grove


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Orange grove

  1. 1. Faculty Training TuesdayMarch 12, 2013
  2. 2. What is Orange Grove?Digital library repository of learning resourcesallowing educators to share engaging, quality,and standards-based digital content to improvetheir teaching and learning.Youtube video
  3. 3. What can you do in the Orange Grove? Resources for higher education, vocational, or continuing education 2,168 Open Textbooks 5,150 Open Courseware 4
  4. 4. Using the Repository Use resources for instructional and learning needs Remix items by selecting, combining and adapting resources to fit your needs when permission is given Contribute items to the repository to share your resources with others
  5. 5. Why use the Repository? Decrease duplication of effort by reusing quality digital content Contain or reduce development time and costs Content is created once, stored once, and used or repurposed many times
  6. 6. Resources Faculty Development Resources (129) Khan Academy (0)NC School of Science and Mathematics (111) PhET Science & Math Simulations (92) NASA at 50 (19) Wisc-Online (1,017)
  7. 7. Open Access Textbooks OGT+ Print on Demand Books (134) WebAssign Supported Textbooks (6) InTech (4,880) Open Course Library (39) Saylor Foundation (4)
  8. 8. ShareStatewide Course Numbers
  9. 9. FlatWorld Knowledge
  10. 10. Contributing to Orange Grove Most of the State colleges have contributed content to the repository Single sign-on to the repository, can contribute from D2L Contact us for help or use the guide ms/c88f4930-d04b-5e6a-8411- 9f23deff6601/1/
  11. 11.