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Genre based writing


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Genre based writing

  1. 1. Teaching writingThe genre approach
  2. 2. What is a genre based approach• This approach identifies that writing is a social activity with particular power relations and social conventions. The approach explicitly identifies the social and linguistic conventions of different types of texts.• The approach usually includes the following:• Familiarisation, controlled writing, guided writing and then free writing
  3. 3. Benefits of this approach• Explicitly links reading and writing• Ensures that writing is a process• Provides a model for learners• Scaffolds writing• Makes ‘invisible’ features explicit to learners
  4. 4. Steps to follow1. Learners given a model text2. Text is read and analysed with the teacher3. Patterns and linguistic features are identified4. Teachers and learners collaboratively construct the genre5. Learners in groups use writing frames6. Learners write individual genres