Seven50 polling weeks 1-12


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Seven50 polling weeks 1-12

  1. 1. Seven50Survey Results
  2. 2. Survey ResultsWeeks 1-3
  3. 3. Question 1What are in your opinion, the most important issues to address to ensure a positive future forSoutheast Florida? (Select three)Air qualityCost of livingFarm land preservationAccess to health careHousing choicesJobsLand useParks/Open spacePublic educationPublic safetyTraffic congestionSocial opportunityMore transportationoptionsWater availabilityWater qualityWalkable andAttractivePlacement Design
  4. 4. 23.2%Developing en effective transportation systemProtecting the environment and natural resourcesPromoting a diverse and thriving economyProviding a variety of housing choicesPreserving the region’s unique characterFostering social opportunity and diversityRegional collaborations among jurisdictionsWhich one of these regional priorities is most important to you? (Select three)Question 2
  5. 5. 7%16.9%Very importantImportantNeutralSomewhat importantNot at all importantHow important is retaining the character of rural communities in Southeast Florida?Question 3
  6. 6. How important is retaining the character of existing urban neighborhoods?Very importantImportantNeutralNot at all importantSomewhat importantQuestion 4
  7. 7. How important is it to continue the practice of building gated subdivisions?17.6%Very importantImportantNeutralNot at all importantSomewhat importantQuestion 5
  8. 8. 22.2%Very importantImportantNeutralNot at all importantSomewhat importantHow important is it that jobs and shopping are safely accessible by walking/biking fromneighborhoods?Question 6
  9. 9. Very importantImportantNeutralNot at all importantSomewhat importantHow important is access to locally-grown food (from local farms and/or community gardens)?Question 7
  10. 10. I am satisfied with the current state of things;no improvement neededLeaders should place community interestsover partisan interestsLeaders should better reflect the ethnic andracial diversity of the regionMore leaders who are also business savvyMore transparency/less corruptionMore communication with residentsLeaders should be more in touch withthe challenges faced by householdsHow do you think your elected leaders could improve their performance?Question 8
  11. 11. Number of miles/car trips needed tosatisfy daily needsFuel efficient cars and alternative fuels/energyfor our carsMore efficient buildings that consume lessenergyClean renewable energy generation by ourutilities Establish carbon sinks throughreforestation/habitat restorationI don’t believe that climate change isoccurring or that it is man-madeWhich sources of greenhouse gas emissions would you like your leaders and community tofocus upon to reduce pollution?Question 9
  12. 12. MonroeMiami-DadeBrowardMartinPalm BeachSt. LucieIndian RiverWhich county do you live in?Question 10
  13. 13. Under 1818-2425-4445-6465 and overWhat is your age?Question 11
  14. 14. 5 or fewer6-1011-1516-20More than 20How many years have you lived in Southeast Florida?Question 12
  15. 15. Central City/DowntownSmall TownHistoric SuburbNew SuburbRural CommunityOtherWhere do you live?Question 13
  16. 16. What is your gender?MaleFemaleQuestion 14
  17. 17. Survey ResultsWeeks 4-6
  18. 18. We have plenty of room for growth in the seven counties and shouldn’t worry about citiesspreading out as they grow.Question 1
  19. 19. We should widen freeways and build new roads rather than invest in public transit and otheralternatives to cars.Question 2
  20. 20. More investment today in public transportation will relieve future congestion problems in thearea.Question 3
  21. 21. I prefer to live within walking distance of offices, stores, and other businesses.Question 4
  22. 22. Building more sidewalks and bicycle paths is part of the solution to the traffic congestionproblem.Question 5
  23. 23. It is important to create walkable places where a variety of housing, retail, office and civic usesexist along with parks and transit connections.Question 6
  24. 24. In your opinion, Which threat linked to climate change poses the greatest threat to Floridiansin the 7 county region?Question 7
  25. 25. Below are opinions of two hypothetical SE Fla residents. Which opinion comes closest to yourown? Mr. Smith believes that future growth should be strongly encouraged & fostered. Mr.Jones believes future growth should be strictly managed or limited.Question 8
  26. 26. What would help most to improve the quality of public education in SE FL?Question 9
  27. 27. Would you be willing to pay a greater share of taxes in order to reduce classroom size, increaseteacher pay and quality of instructors, and improve access to learning materials such ascomputers, supplies, and textbooks?Question 10
  28. 28. If you had a shorter commute what would you do with your spare time?Question 11
  29. 29. What do you think should be the focus of future transportation investment?Question 12
  30. 30. Which county do you live in?Question 13
  31. 31. What is your age?Question 14
  32. 32. Where do you live?Question 15
  33. 33. How many years you have lived in Southeast Florida?Question 16
  34. 34. What is your gender?Question 17
  35. 35. Survey ResultsWeeks 7-9
  36. 36. What three factors do you feel are the biggest threats to forming a well-educated workforce?(choose up to three)Question 1
  37. 37. What should be the priorities for developing the regional economy and attracting talent?(choose up to three)Question 2
  38. 38. What would be the best way to accommodate the 20-year projected future population growth(approximately 2 million more people) of Southeast Florida?Question 3
  39. 39. Do you feel things in your own community today are going in the right direction or do you feelthings have gotten off on the wrong track?Question 4
  40. 40. Pick the statement with which you most agree about transportation investments in the regiontoday:Question 5
  41. 41. Would you support an additional gas tax per gallon if it could fund an efficient regional transitsystem and be accompanied by a reduction in property tax?Question 6
  42. 42. If you answered yes to the question above what amount would you be willing to pay pergallon?Question 7
  43. 43. How should we best address traffic congestion in the future?Question 8
  44. 44. What are the top three most effective leadership organizations you know of in your county orregion?Question 9
  45. 45. What type of organization needs to lead the charge for implementation of regional solutions?Question 10
  46. 46. Which county do you live in?Question 11
  47. 47. What is your age?Question 12
  48. 48. How many years you have lived in Southeast Florida?Question 13
  49. 49. Where do you live?Question 14
  50. 50. What is your gender?Question 15
  51. 51. Survey ResultsWeeks 10-12
  52. 52. How concerned are you with the long-term effects of global warming or global climatechange?Question 1
  53. 53. Which of the following do you think would most improve the quality of development in yourhometown?Question 2
  54. 54. Do you believe that a healthy environment, water supply and sustainable agriculture arenecessary to achieve economic vibrancy?Question 3
  55. 55. As SE Florida’s population grows over the next 100 years, how should we accommodate theadditional people?Question 4
  56. 56. Do you believe greater regional coordination could improve our region’s ability to mitigate &adapt to the region’s threats?Question 5
  57. 57. Local food: How important is it to ensure that there is enough farmland in the region to supplythe current population with most of its food?Question 6
  58. 58. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your personal quality of life today (10 representshighest possible quality of life, 1 represents worst quality of life)Question 7
  59. 59. On a scale of 1-10, by comparison, how would you rate your quality of life 5 years ago?Question 8
  60. 60. Do you believe greater regional coordination could improve our region’s ability to mitigate &adapt to the region’s threats?Question 9
  61. 61. Which county do you live in?Question 10
  62. 62. What is your age?Question 11
  63. 63. How many years you have lived in Southeast Florida?Question 12
  64. 64. Where do you live?Question 13
  65. 65. What is your gender?Question 14