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Seven50 carras reg an imp fh 5 17 13

  1. 1. Opportunityand Equityin SoutheastFloridaMay 17, 2013REGIONAL ANALYSISOF IMPEDIMENTS TOFAIR HOUSINGRAI
  2. 2.  The purpose of an AI or RAIis to Affirmatively FurtherFair Housing Choice (AFFH) It is a review of impedimentsor barriers that affect therights of fair housing choice Serves as the basis for fairhousing planning Provides essentialinformation to policy makers,administrative staff, housingproviders, lenders and fairhousing advocates Assists in building publicsupport for fair housingeffortsWHATIS ANRAI?
  3. 3. IMPEDIMENTS TO FAIR HOUSINGCHOICEAny actions, omissions, or decisions which directlyrestrict or have the effect of restricting housingchoices or the availability of housing choices takenbecause of:Race Color Religion Sex DisabilityFamilialstatusNationalorigin
  4. 4.   All households - regardless of race, color, ancestry,national origin, religion, sex, disability, marital status,familial status, or any other arbitrary factor - areentitled to equal access to housing opportunities.  Both federal, state and local civil rights laws definethese fundamental liberties.§  The Civil Rights Act of 1968 provides specific fair housingprotections under Title VII, the Fair Housing Act.§  The Florida Fair Housing Act reiterates federal law by declaringit illegal to discriminate in the sale, rental, advertising,financing, or brokerage of housing.  §  The Broward County Human Rights Act provides additionalprotections against discrimination in employment, housing andpublic accommodations.CIVIL RIGHTS: UNDERSTANDING FAIRHOUSING LEGISLATION
  5. 5. SEFLARAI
  6. 6.   FHEA is quite similar to the Regional AI in scope andcontent.  The Regional AI includes an analysis that identifies bothjurisdictional and regional impediments to fair housingchoice.  Seven50 utilizes both documents in tandem  Our end goal is to create a Fair Housing and OpportunitiesAction Plan  The Fair Housing and Opportunities Action Plan’sstrategies and actions will be implicitly reflected in allfinal product(s) of the Sustainable CommunitiesRegional Planning Grant.FHEA AND RAI
  7. 7. 1. Regional Background²  Basic Existing Conditions Analysis at theCounty and Regional Scale:²  Demographics²  Segregation²  Housing²  Poverty²  Labor and Commuting
  8. 8. HOMEOWNERS AND RENTERS87%9%17%75%19%26%WhiteBlack or AfricanAmericanHispanic or Latino(of any race)Renter-occupiedhousing unitsOwner-occupiedhousing units1,517,837751,424
  9. 9. COST BURDENED HOUSEHOLDS82%57% 61% 47%31%91% 89%74%43%21%Less than$20,000$20,000 to$34,999$35,000 to$49,999$50,000 to$74,999$75,000 ormoreOwner-occupied Renter-occupied
  10. 10. A disproportionatenumber of rentersare minoritiesRenters are more-cost burdened thanhomeownersThus, adisproportionatenumber ofminorities arecost-burdened
  11. 11. POVERTY13%14%10%12% 12%17%11%²  Over 850,000people belowpoverty level inthe region
  12. 12. POVERTY AND ETHNICITY9%23%16%WhiteBlack or AfricanAmericanHispanic or Latinoorigin (of any race)
  13. 13. POVERTY AND GENDER371,490482,267Male Female31%of Single Mothers with childrenpresent are below the povertylevel
  14. 14. Tenancy0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%Owner-occupied housing unitsRenter-occupied housing unitsRace/EthnicityWHO TRAVELS HOW0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%WhiteBlack or African AmericanHispanic or Latino origin (of any race)
  15. 15. MODE OF TRAVEL0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%Drive AloneCarpoolPublic TransportationIndian River County, Florida St. Lucie County, FloridaMartin County, Florida Palm Beach County, FloridaBroward County, Florida Miami-Dade County, FloridaMonroe County, Florida 7-County SE Florida Region25 242742Mean travel time to work
  16. 16. Fair Housing Legal Evaluation²  Assisted Housing Inventory²  Fair Housing Discrimination complaints
  17. 17. FAIR HOUSING ASSISTANCEAGENCIES WITHIN SEFLACounty Name Agency TypeN/A- State LevelFederal Commission on HumanRightsState Agency; GovernmentPalm BeachLegal Aid Society of PalmBeach CountyPrivatePalm Beach County Office ofEqual OpportunityGovernment BrowardBroward County Office ofEqual Opportunity | Civil RightDivisionGovernmentMiamiHousing Opportunities forProject Excellence, H.O.P.E Inc.PrivateMiami-Dade Office of HumanRights and Fair EmploymentPractices (OHRFEP)Government
  18. 18. EXISTING ASSISTED HOUSINGINVENTORY2,856 2,480 1,21912,65217,12940,51483877,688NumberofProperties Total UnitsAssistedUnits%AssistedIndianRiver 26 2,858 2,856 99.9%St. Lucie 18 2,623 2,480 95%Martin 17 1,221 1,219 100%PalmBeach 93 13,802 12,652 92%Broward 121 21,116 17,129 81%Miami-Dade 334 42,346 40,514 96%Monroe 17 861 838 97%7-CountySE FloridaRegion 626 84,827 77,688 94.3%
  19. 19. ASSISTED HOUSING BY INCOMERESTRICTIONS0 5000 10000 15000 20000Indian RiverSt. LucieMartinPalm BeachBrowardMiami-DadeMonroe<=35% AMI 40-50% AMI 55-60% AMI 65-80% AMI >80% AMI
  20. 20. ASSISTED HOUSING TARGETPOPULATIONSFamilyElderlyFarmworkerFisherHomelessPersons withDisabilities
  21. 21. RACE AND ETHNICITY OF ASSISTEDHOUSING TENANTS0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Indian River St. Lucie Martin Palm Beach Broward Miami-Dade Monroe 7-County SEFlorida Region% Minority % Black % Hispanic
  23. 23. FAIR HOUSING COMPLAINTS OVERTHE FIVE YEAR PERIOD0%5%10%15%20%25%30%2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  24. 24. Basis % RankDISABILITY 43% 1RACE 17% 2NATIONAL ORIGIN 14% 3FAMILIAL STATUS 11% 4SEX 7% 5OTHER 6% 6RELIGION 2% 7AGE 1% 8COLOR 0.3% 9BASES FOR DISCRIMINATIONCOMPLAINTS0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Indian River St. Lucie Martin Palm Beach Broward Miami-Dade MonroeDISABILITY RACE NATIONAL ORIGIN FAMILIAL STATUS
  26. 26. Lending Profile²  Discriminatory Lending Practices²  Home Mortgage Disclosure Act DataAnalysis
  27. 27. LOAN DENIAL RATESOverall Loan Dispositions for the Seven County Southeast Florida Region &The State of FloridaCounty Originated/ApprovedDenied Other TotalBroward 12954(55.87%)5277(22.76%)4957(21.38%)23188Indian RiverCounty1133(67.76%)261(15.61%)278(16.05%)1672Martin County 1193(68.88%)261(15.07%)278(16.05%)1732Miami-DadeCounty10807(51.41%)5390(25.64%)4824(22.95%)21,021Monroe County 707(59.97%)242(20.53%)230(19.51%)1179Palm BeachCounty9765(60.21%)3241(19.98%)3213(19.81%)16219St. Lucie County 2571(61.35%)802(19.14%)818(19.52%)4191Florida 144931(61.59%)46139(19.61%)44259(18.81%)235329
  28. 28.   The most prevalent reason for loan application denialsamong the counties in South Florida in is the loanapplicant’s debt to income ratio  The second leading reason for loan denials in SouthFlorida was collateralLOAN DENIAL REASONING
  29. 29. LOAN DENIAL DISPARITIES BY RACEAND ETHNICITYLoan Application Denial Disparities Across the Seven County South Florida Region By RaceApplicantRaceBrowardCountyDisparityIndian RiverCountyDisparityMartinCountyDisparityMiami-DadeCountyDisparityMonroeCountyDisparityPalm BeachCountyDisparitySt. LucieCountyDisparityHispanic 1.15 0.88 1.89 1.08 1.15 1.38 1.2Black orAfricanAmerican1.42 0.8 2.14 1.15 0.85 1.52 1.34Asian 1.04 N/V 0.79 1.01 0.67 1.03 1.38NativeHawaiian orOther PacificIslander1.78 N/V N/V 2.16 N/V 1.27 1.24AmericanIndian orAlaska Native1.27 N/V 1.78 1.01 1.17 1.59 1.64
  30. 30. Subprime/High Cost Loans in the Seven County Southeast FloridaRegion Compared to the State of FloridaCounty High Cost Non-High Costor UnknownTotalBroward County 334(2.91%)11148(97.09%)11482Indian RiverCounty19(2.25%)826(97.75%)845Martin County 25(2.73%)891(97.27%)916Miami-DadeCounty410(4.58%)8551(95.42%)8961Monroe County 5(1.54%)320(98.46%)325Palm BeachCounty201(2.48%)7896(97.52%)8097St. Lucie County 51(2.55%)1950(97.45%)2001Florida 4177(3.50%)115111(96.50%)119288SUBPRIME LENDING
  31. 31. High Cost Loan Disparity Across the Seven County South Florida Region By RaceApplicantRaceBrowardCountyDisparityIndian RiverCountyDisparityMartinCountyDisparityMiami-DadeCountyDisparityMonroeCountyDisparityPalm BeachCountyDisparitySt. LucieCountyDisparityAmericanIndian orAlaska NativeNo High CostLoansNo High CostLoansNo High CostLoans3.09 No High CostLoans2.79 No High CostLoansAsian 0.45 No High CostLoans3.73 ,78 No High CostLoans0.31 No High CostLoansBlack orAfricanAmerican1.64 2.5 No High CostLoans0.71 No High CostLoans1.42 1.28HispanicEthnicity1.37 0.69 No High CostLoans1.42 1.69 2.14 0.74NativeHawaiian orOther PacificIslander1.03 Not Listed Not Listed No High CostLoansNo High CostLoansNo High CostLoansNo High CostLoansWhite N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/ASUBPRIME LENDING DISPARITIES BYRACE AND ETHNICITY
  32. 32. Identified Impediments
  33. 33. TOP TEN IDENTIFIED IMPEDIMENTS1.• Lack of Knowledge, Awareness of, or Education on Fair Housing Protections2.• Fair and Equal Lending Disparities3.• Housing/Lending Discrimination on the Basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex, Familial Status and Disability4.• Shortage of Affordable Housing Opportunities5.• Violations of Federal, State and Local Housing Laws6.• Housing Market Segregation7.• Predatory Lending8.• Limited Funding to Meet Need for Affordable Housing9.• Zoning/Land Use10.• Improvement of the Housing Discrimination Complaint Process
  35. 35. AFFIRMATIVELY FURTHERINGFAIR HOUSING1.  Conduct an analysis to identify impediments to fairhousing choice within the jurisdiction ✔2.  Prepare a Fair Housing Strategies & Action Plan thatwill identify appropriate actions to overcome theeffects of any impediments identified through theanalysis3.  Maintain records reflecting the analysis and actionstaken in this regard
  36. 36. 1.  Await HUD guidance on local jurisdictions opting in tothe Regional AI.2.  Utilize datasets from Regional AI through Seven50 datawarehouse and SFRPC Data Commons.3.  Review cross-jurisdictional impediments and coordinateregional responsesLOCAL JURISDICTIONS AND RAI
  37. 37. 37THANK YOU!For further information,contact James CarrasPhone: 954.415.2022Email: carras@bellsouth.netPrinciple ResearchersFHEA: Urban Revitalization Strategies– Rebecca Walter and Serge AtherwoodRAI:– Anna McMaster and Rasheed Shotoyo