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Public Webinar on KPIs


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How to conduct a KPI definition project in Digital Marketing. My proven methodology built through 10 years of working with organizations from many industries.

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Public Webinar on KPIs

  1. 1. Online Intelligence SolutionsProven Methodology for Digital MarketingKPIs LIVE WEBINAR 27/02/2013
  2. 2. Today’s SpeakerJacques WARRENCEOWAO/MARKETING If you feel like it: #measure
  3. 3. Why Care About KPIs? Marketing without measure is like driving blind Without KPIs, you see the road, but you don’t know where you are going!
  4. 4. Why Care About KPIs? AnalyticsGovernance KPIs belong here
  5. 5. What Are KPIs? A Definition KPIs are metrics that focus on strategy execution quality. Their main characteristics are: - Aligned with strategy - Clear (easy to - Owned understand) - Actionable - Predictive
  6. 6. Why KPIs Should Be Aligned WithStrategy? Online Strategy Strategy - KPIs - & Business Data Strategy
  7. 7. A Word About What “Actionable” Is? Probably one of the biggest buzzword in KPI discussion! As a marketer, what metrics can I influence and how?
  8. 8. Conducting A KPI Project What is involved in a KPI project? - Definition workshop(s) - Validation & Approbation - Metrics DNA - Evaluate possible side effects - Communicate
  9. 9. Conducting A KPI Project Definition Workshop(s) - Why use workshop(s) - Dual Goals: Definition & Consensus - KPIs are a communication means, too!
  10. 10. Conducting A KPI Project Definition Workshop(s) - How to conduct the workshop(s) - Get the stakeholders - Start with strategic context and “What if” questions Analysis needs always trump technology
  11. 11. Conducting A KPI Project Validation & Approbation - Keep making sure consensus is built in - Of course, get executive buy-in
  12. 12. Conducting A KPI Project Metric DNA - Document!!! - What data are KPIs made of? - Which systems are data coming from?
  13. 13. Conducting A KPI Project Evaluate Potential Side Effects - KPIs can encourage unexpected, undesirable behaviors! - Use simulation, what-ifs, targets - “Guardrail Metrics”
  14. 14. Conducting A KPI Project Communicating KPIs - Communicating KPIs to all Win the hearts and minds
  15. 15. KPIs and Other Metrics EXAMPLE Primary/Traffic Metrics
  16. 16. KPIs and Other Metrics: Building The Value Chain Primary/Traffic Metrics Drivers/Operational KPIs Key Performance
  17. 17. Operationalizing KPIs KPIs and the Analysis Process ©Jessica Hagy KPIs and Segmentation
  18. 18. Operationalizing KPIs Measuring Marketing is measuring people!
  19. 19. Operationalizing KPIs KPIs and the Analysis Process KPIs work better when aligned with the performance measurement system. The Spitzer Law: People tend to behave the way they are paid to.
  20. 20. Operationalizing KPIs KPIs and Organizational Culture
  21. 21. Don’t miss our next webinar!Optimal Data Visualization andDashboard DesignThursday, April 4th4 PM CET10 AM EDT
  22. 22. Thank you! Online Intelligence m m