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  1. 1. Mitchell KanashKevich  Photography Presentation By Jacqueline Tam Yee Cheng ANN3A / 13157
  2. 2. Bibiliography   Studied film in University  Been into photography since about 2000, when he got a Nikon 990  A travel and documentary photographer  Most know for travel portraitures and absolutely capturing the sense of place  wanders some of the world’s most remote places, capturing the ethereal beauty of the world’s disappearing cultures with his remarkable photos  documents the lives of people whose traditions may vanish as modernity encroaches.
  3. 3. Making a Living By  Stock Photography for Getty and Corbis Images Print sales E-books : Transcending Travel – A guide to Captivating Travel Photography – for some thoughts on his work and philosophy Assignment for Vanity Fair Had one workshop and one seminar His work has been featured on covers and inside the pages  of Digital SLR Photography, Capture, Get Lost!, and Asian Geo Passport.
  4. 4. Technique Used  use light in a way that will give an illusion of physical depth and texture, highlight what is important or create a mood. main goal is to make an image that can captivate the viewer and do justice to my subject.
  5. 5. Lesson Learnt  In most of Mitchell picture, he love to use natural lighting to capture and convey what his subject is feeling Before he started off, he always communicate with his subject. Or at least made eye contact before started shooting.
  6. 6. Opinion Uses the golden hour, that is natural lighting.playing but that is enough to convey the message of how happy the kids are.This picture, did convey that no matter where the kids and how poor they are,they are still kids. They will always enjoy themselves. And this fact, isconstant no matter where we go
  7. 7. Opinion Golden hour, the time before sunrise.He was able to capture the moment when the fisherman try their hardest topush the boat into the sea so that they could earn a living for their family.
  8. 8. Opinion It’s a simple yet really beautiful picture. It shows how everyone is paying fullattention towards the script they are reading but, at that very moment. That kidturn and smile break the tense environment.It just reminds me to enjoy every moment and everything we do in life.
  9. 9. Opinion After a day of tiredness, the old man were going back home after work. Althoughhe is alone but the way Mitchell captures it, it seems like the bird and the dogwere accompanying him. Flying and walking alongside him.
  10. 10. Opinion A picture of a few man playing chess in a public bath. Although they were in thebath, they were not the same as the others, talking to each other. They choose toplay a mind game when the heat is so strong. And yet, when everyone is soserious towards the game, this old man stop and stare at the camera getting ashock. It makes us to not be afraid to break from the normal.