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QuasiCon 2014, "The Embedded Librarian: Reference Services in the Trenches"


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This was a presentation as part of the UMSI student ALA QuasiCon 2014. QuasiCon is an un-conference conference which consists of a mixture of presentation, lightning talks, and discussion sections. I presented research I had done on embedded librarians for my class on "Information Resources and Services". The keynote speaker actually addressed the same topic, so we complimented each other quite well.
The research I did on embedded librarianship actually fed into my passion for fieldwork in UX, especially fieldwork where the researcher works side by side with the user.

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QuasiCon 2014, "The Embedded Librarian: Reference Services in the Trenches"

  1. 1. The Embedded Librarian: Reference Services in the Trenches Jackie Wolf
  2. 2. 65% Drop in Reference Transactions
  3. 3. Fundamental Change in Access to Information Information is physical Information is everywhere!!!
  4. 4. Solution: “Embedded Librarianship”
  5. 5. Become Part of the Mental Process
  6. 6. Information may be virtual, but students still want a physical service.
  7. 7. Students vs Faculty
  8. 8. Physical Location = Common Ground
  9. 9. Physical Location = Independence and Flexibility
  10. 10. Physical Location= Alternative Funding Sources
  11. 11. Conclusion To serve users librarians need to be where their users are, and where their users work.