Getting the Job with Social Media!


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This PowerPoint presentation was designed by Jacqueline Smith for the February 19th, 2014 workshop at Monmouth University with Neighbors Helping Neighbors. It is designed to help those discover and market their social media skills to "Get The Job".

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Getting the Job with Social Media!

  1. 1. GETTING THE JOB Using Social Media to discover and market your skills to “Get the Job”
  2. 2. THINGS TO UNDERSTAND IN SOCIAL MEDIA  Learn the culture of the Social/Web community you engage in.  Take the time to alter your content as to be relevant to the place you are posting it.  Know what is out there not only on your pages but your “friends” or “followers” about you.
  3. 3. WHERE SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR SKILLS COME TOGETHER Use Social to keep up to date on industry trends Twitter: Tweet Chats LinkedIn: Groups YouTube: Presentations, Seminars, Program Demos/Reviews LinekdIn: Group Discussions  Once you know what the trends are, you will have an idea of what typically “hard skills” you are lacking.  Google is your BFF! 
  4. 4. LINKEDIN Freemium system, which means that certain features typically basic are free for users and more complex features require an upgrade or fee. Target Audience (As a Job Seeker): Employers & Companies  Sharing relevant, professional information is encouraged  Share an Article, Not a Drink! Keep it Professional.  Encouraged Not Encouraged
  5. 5. TWITTER Excellent Resource For: o Keeping up with companies, products, heads of companies o Track New Industry Trends & Products o *Reference Tool: *Tweet Chats*
  6. 6. FACEBOOK For Business User representative of “Business”  Ability to see demographic, and user interaction with page  Limited ability to see user’s page  For Personal  Meant to be a social platform  Ability to create “Pages”
  7. 7. PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, TUMBLR  Pinterest- Online “Pinboard” Social experience based on visual expression.  Instagram- Focuses on vsiual sharing. Useful to track company trends, follow relevant, and important industry leaders  Tumblr- A hybrid of Pinterest and a Blog. Visually driven sharing with the ability to categorize and works into Google Page Ranking on topic.
  8. 8. WEBSITES & BLOGGING  Community Based websites: ex. Community for people interested in non profits at varying professional and interest levels. Information populated on site relate to this purpose.  Ensure that you’re blogging format is the right one for you, i.e. Wordpress has two variations: and  Wordpress, depending on your needs can be a great way to showcase those skills you’ve learned and can act as a online portfolio for potential employers.
  9. 9. NHN Website LinkedIn earchId%3A452791981385067089145%2CVSRPtargetId%3A38925 34%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary Facebook