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  1. 1. DIGITAL STOREFRONT Your Brand | Your Products | Your Store
  2. 2. Brand Consistency Easy Interface Keeping your brand consistent across all of your printed products can be a challenge. Especially if those products are ordered by several different people. Digital Storefront offers several tools to help keep your brand in order. DSF lets you control what products are available to be branded and what elements can be used in the branding. Pieces that need to be personalized with names or locations like business cards or envelopes can easily be ordered online without sacrificing brand integrity. Products that seldom change like brochures or catalogs can be ordered as static documents and be available to order at any time. Promotional products like clothing can also be added to your custom digital storefront. You will have final approval of all products published to the store, giving you total control over all of your branded items. The Digital StoreFront interface is easy to use and can be customized to fit your specific brand. Because the storefront is web based, it is available anywhere, 24 hours a day. DSF’s permission based system allows you to control what products are available to users, departments or locations. Optional payment methods allow you to choose several billing options. Digital StoreFront’s interface is mobile friendly and cross browser compatible. Digital StoreFront
  3. 3. Digital StoreFront Personalization Cost Control Variable data products like business cards and letterhead have never been easier to produce than with Digital StoreFront. Web forms can be created that allow you to control all aspects of branding so that individual users can create, proof and order products in one easy step without the need to proof products multiple times. Combining variable data products with digital PDF downloads allows you to build powerful, personalized sales tools that can be built online, downloaded and printed within minutes and used in a last minute meeting or produced in small batches with better quality at our print facility and be delivered in a timely fashion. Digital StoreFront also offers several features designed to save you money. Small batch printing and print-on-demand options eliminate the need to keep large inventories of sales collateral stored at your office. This “green” option leads to less waste and is environmentally friendly. Cost centers combined with spending limits help keep departmental spending under control. Central invoicing gives you an overview of where your money is being spent. Multiple reporting options let you look at the numbers the way that works best for you.
  4. 4. JD Young 116 West Third Street Tulsa, OK 74103 918.582.9955