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Hello, my name is

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Hello, my name is

  1. 1. JAKE GREEN
  2. 2. I live outside Philadelphia in horsham, pa
  3. 4. Not Me!!!!!
  4. 5. What Google will not tell you about me .
  5. 6. I am funny I am smart I am a hard worker I am energetic I am nice I am good at video games I am different I am amazing I am well organized I am exciting I want to get a job as a chef in a 5 star restaurant.
  6. 7. … and I’m really good at
  7. 8. Being funny Being social Being smart
  8. 9. I AM A PROBLEM SOLVER!!!!!!!!!
  9. 10. Things I would like to do again Get a good job Make cool friends Encourage others Challenge myself Lead
  10. 11. What I would not like to do again Be mean to others Take my license test Fail a test
  11. 12. Professional chef in the making [email_address]