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Working titles


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Working titles

  1. 1. A Brief Background
  2. 2. Background Working titles is an example of a successful British created by Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan in 1984. Now owned by universal working titles started off as an independent film production company later being bought out by other companies leading up to being bought out by universal in 2000. Its success is worldwide due to its big stars and iconic Britishness easily recognizable across Europe as well as state side. Its large budget and its shear size allows for huge movies such as four weddings and a funeral and love actually.
  3. 3. First hit Its first hit came in the early 90s with films like drop dead Fred and four weddings and a funeral these big hitters sparked the beginning of an ever growing company with ample success. Four weddings and a funeral starting with a budget of £2.8 million and end raking in £161,300,377 at box office, its international success highlighted predeceasing working titles films as well as the ones to come. Its huge success also began the dedicated relationship between Hugh Grant and working titles.
  4. 4. Key people -Hugh Grant Hugh grant, almost the staple of working titles films is key to international as well as British success, both his quintessential British nature and instantly recognizable persona works hand in hand with the loved up premise of some of his most, and working titles most, successful movies. Staring in Notting hill, four weddings and a funeral, Bridget jones diary and love actually. -Simon Pegg Simon pegg, a comedian and writer is integrated heavily with working titles producing and staring in his own productions the cornetto trilogy, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the dead and The worlds end, as well guest staring in other working titles productions.