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Sydicate + tmartn


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Sydicate + tmartn

  1. 1. Syndicate & Tmartn The Scandal surrounding CSGO-LOTTO
  2. 2. Overview • The overview of the scandal involving Trevor Martin, online alias Tmartn and Tom Cassel, online alias Syndicate follows the two in the promotion of their gambling website, CSGO Lotto and the fact that they failed to disclose the information that they were partial owners of the site whilst advertising the website over their YouTube channels. • This action, in which Syndicate and Tmartn already broke numerous YouTube community guidelines also brought up the question of advertising gambling to children under the age of 18 which make up more than 40% of their 2.5 and 9 million subscribers respectively.
  3. 3. What Is CSGO Lotto • CSGO lotto is a website in which players can gamble with in game skins from the game CSGO. The real life worth of theses skins can range from a couple of pence to thousands, as crazy as it may seem these can be obtained by paying real life money at a chance of getting a random in game skin for guns within CSGO all valued by an internal market. • The website, owned by the Two YouTubers allowed players to place their valued skins into a pot gaining a percentage chance of winning the whole thing, of course the website taking a cut itself first.
  4. 4. What did they do wrong? • Both Sydicate and Tmartn made videos in which they not only refused to disclose ownership of CSGO lotto but also went on to say that they had stumbled across the site in the same video, they also claimed that the website was a ‘Gold mine’ and that winning was easy painting a website they owned as if it were the perfect product. • Not only did this break many YouTube community guidelines, its legality is also questionable as the law states that any violation in the description of a product or must be disclaimed or made clear of its actual service. For example advertising an online casino it must be stated that the website is for the use of people above the age of 18 and that care to be responsible must be taken when gambling. Both TmarTn and Sydicate failed to do so in multiple YouTube videos.
  5. 5. Breaking Guidelines • Both offenders broke guidelines such as failing to disclose affiliations with a company whilst promoting a product, as well as the use of inappropriate or misleading titles/ thumbnails by publishing videos with dubious titles such as “HOW TO WIN $13,000 IN 5 MINUETS”. • The punishment for breaking guidelines is a strike, the guidelines dictates that if a channel obtains three strikes their channel is banned from YouTube all together. • These strikes however can be disputed and often are. The problems with them include the frequency in which they are handed out as well as the frequency in which they are removed they are too easy to get and too east to ignore/ get removed. Many believe the punishment they received was far too lenient.
  6. 6. The action taken • An ongoing lawsuit by an anonymous parent of a child affected by the actions of TmarTn and Syndicate is currently being investigated apart from this very little action has been taken. • Both Syndicate and TmarTn have both received a singular strike from YouTube. Which has little to no affect. YouTube argued that the negative media surrounding the two were just in punishment in which they lost a a small percentage of their subscribers. • The website CSGO Lotto was threatened to be taken down by valve the creators of CSGO however no action was taken on this claim.
  7. 7. What does this mean for censorship? • If this had occurred within a paper or on television the fines would be far more substantial. The way in which the internet is censored allows for many events such as this to go relatively unpunished even though the actions by the two you tubers affected tens of thousands people across the world. Many felt they had been misled into giving their money to people they thought they could trust. • This shows a complete skew away from the censorship of media sources such as YouTube which is a problem as the whole point in censorship of the media is to completely remove the misuse of it which is avoided if groups chose to censor only the largest industries.