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Short film audience


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Published in: Education
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Short film audience

  1. 1. Short Film Audience
  2. 2. Initial Outlook The first thing to consider when thinking about the audience of short film is the comparison between itself and feature length film. The audience of short film is instantly a more concise viewer base with a different skew of genre preference. The audience of short film is often what would be considered film fanatics those interested in the concepts of film and those in the industry.
  3. 3. Appealing to production Companies The purpose of short film is to explore and develop new and interesting concepts based around central themes. It is often used as a medium to explore an idea without a massive budget, this allows for it to also be a perfect tool to appeal to production companies, not only does it show off production skill and directing ability it also shows the style in which the short films producer leans towards. This can be a great way in which larger production companies can recruit names which aren't already established.
  4. 4. Audience and forms of media Most of the viewers of short films find them through the internet, some short film cinemas do exist but is a rarity. Short films can be found in abundance on video sharing platforms such as YouTube the demographic for these types of videos are usually students and armature producers, these viewers often seek inspiration over enjoyment, not to say that the two aren't linked, this is often the reason why short film producers explore vastly when taking into consideration shot type, camera movement, editing and plotline; Arguably a good short film is one that inspires or shows creativity in film making.
  5. 5. Summary In conclusion it is evident that there are differences in short film audience in comparison to normal/feature length films. The differences include reasons for watching and mediums in which they are found. Although there are differences it is noteworthy to mention that many things are the same: shot type, editing, and in some cases story progression all share key techniques and concepts with feature length film.