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Ideology in film


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Overlook of Ideology within film

Published in: Education
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Ideology in film

  1. 1. Ideology In Film By Jacob Lawrence
  2. 2. Introduction • Ideology is defined as to describe the social expectations within groups, class and culture. • Ideology is a systematic way in which a cultures view perceives a particular event, in other words it defines what is taboo and what isn't. This can be shown in the comparison of a modern day text in relation to ‘Birth of a Nation’ an early 1900s production. Within this obviously racist ideology is conveyed which is in stark contrast to ideology conveyed now. • This almost proves the way in which ideology is somewhat always wrong some examples of incorrect ideology in film to day include… a single person in a position of power is the key to societal advancement (Batman), love between men and women is the correct type of love (most mainstream rom coms), people are inherently good or evil (most superhero films).
  3. 3. Representation • Mise En Scene – this can be used to represent ideology in backgrounds of shots this is often overlooked by audience members but can be key to represent particular ideology. For example a picture in a house of a family this depiction often shows middle class ideology of family conformity. • Editing – this is used to make particular characters or groups of people seem different to others and Is most effective at showing ideology relating to class and race. For example when showing upper class people the camera is often slowly panning in comparison to lower class people where shots are often hectic and changing at a quick pace. • Camera angles- are effective at showing power through interaction, a way in which an ideology can be shown through this is by looking down on a woman and up when showing a man.
  4. 4. Theory • Ideology is a Marxist theory, it is a branched theory from the main social ideology in western culture that is capitalism, it is the idea of the few controlling the many through wealth and power. • This power is gained through military and media control through the way media portrays particular events and how most turn a blind eye to the obvious truth. • The idea of capitalism is shown through other mainstream ideology for example the ‘American dream’ this ideological theory dictates that hard work translates to happiness and wealth and that It can be achieved by anyone, even though this is far from the truth.
  5. 5. Afterhours • Ideology in relation to after hours covers the main aspects and ideas displayed within mainstream cultures set of ideals it covers: • Capitalism- after hours shows capitalism in a negative light it shows that those in positions of power (Rick) are often toxic to those he has control over, Don, and to an extent uses it to as a way of winning Mrs Flowers • The Idea of Relationships- similarly to public ideology the idea of being single is seen as un-successful within after hours. With pressure from his Mom and Friends to get into a relationship with the idea of marriage is common ideology shown throughout after hours. • The Idea Of Unique individuals- Don is in a situation where he is seen as an average representation of somebody within todays society. Although this may sound as if the ideology fits the argument can be brought up that his goals aren't too unrealistic for an average person.