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How effective is the combination of your main


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Published in: Education
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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks? The aim of the two pieces in our eyes were to represent our film well and get the people we showed the two pieces two intrigued and somewhat excited about seeing our film. We believe this was a success as the people who had viewed the film after seeing the poster on a whole said they all represented each other well. I believe the overall colour balance and the text within the double page spread is very effective at describing our films plot without giving too much away and is a fair review of our primary product even with the writers bias.
  2. 2. Poster Our film poster I think was quite effective in the way in which it symbolises some of the key plot points. The inversed image of the school is a great way of symbolising the change and un-comfortability of Dons situation. This coupled with the silhouettes of Don and Libby shows that despite his situation he puts his daughter before himself wanting to be not only the perfect dad but a good person too. Overall the playfulness of the of the poster along with some serious overtones makes for the perfect mood set and description of the film within our poster
  3. 3. DPS The effectiveness and overall look of the double page spread I think is the most successful overall. Both the colour combinations across the spread and the text within it represent the film very well. The text within the article expresses that some of the key points of the short were to express the beautiful relationship between father and daughter as well as being a story of self discovery.
  4. 4. What links the products together? • Colour - the blue theme across all three products expresses some of the key themes of depression and rigmarole of every day life • Playfulness – the seriousness of some of the themes within the main task are contrasted by the light-hearted nature of some parts within the three products • Text – the majority of the products use the same font across the board for parts such as the titles and end credits • Representation – each of the products have the same basic themes: dark comedy, playfulness, self help, this is essential to making the products fit seamlessly together.