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After hours conventions of shorts


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Published in: Education
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After hours conventions of shorts

  1. 1. After Hours conventions
  2. 2. Duration Short films typically last around 5 to 20 minuets in this time there is usually a singular event which lasts from anywhere from the duration of the film to 3 days, its rare that short films span over longer periods as it is quite difficult to do this without missing key information due to the explanation time being short. Sometimes short films use flashbacks but this is usually as far as shorts go in setting the film over a long period. Our film, After Hours, runs for around 19 minuets and spans a day in the life of Don Walters I would say this is a typical run time and time scale as many successful short films are set over one night, day, and follow a simple narrative.
  3. 3. Appealing to an Audience The typical demographic for the audience of short films include: • Social grade A to C1, or unemployed students who have come from an A to C1 upbringing. • ‘succeeders’ or ‘Aspirers’ people within the industry scouting for new talent or people with an interest in developing shorts for themselves looking for inspiration. • Those interested or involved with British culture due to the inherent localness within the shorts themselves I believe our film caters quite
  4. 4. Plot Many short films follow a simplistic narrative following select characters though a singular event, this is often the most successful as frequently overcomplicated plot lines can feel incomplete with the shorter run time of such films. Some of the most successful Short films are the ones which follow a singular character and singular plot line over a short period. Our film follows a day in the life of Don Walters a depressed school teacher and parent who finds himself after being unfortunately trapped in school. This correlates perfectly with the conventions of short film narrative and in some ways expands upon the conventions by layering the narrative to feel fleshed out similar to a feature length film.
  5. 5. Conventions Due To Limitations Short films have vastly lower budgets compared with feature length films this is the key difference along with length that defines the conventions of short films: • Singular Protagonist • Low budget, very little us of CGI and practical effects • Plot twist to add interest to the narrative • Basic filming equipment • Realistic and believable plots Overall I think our short film follows natural conventions closely, the limitations we had with filming are the main reason for this however as we tried to break and challenge conventions where we could for example using more expensive equipment such as the drone.