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Retro marketing


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Retro marketing

  1. 1. Presented By, Jacob John Panicker
  2. 2. Use past to sell present Creating a brand identity based on heritage or nostalgia For example:- reintroduction of Wispa bar, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses etc. Retro target the young Mini, Fiat 500 and Beetle too has become retro Fiat 500 closely captured the look and feel of original Wispa was a reissue of Cadbury’s chocolate bar of 80’s
  3. 3. Two kinds of retro product: Genuine reissue/replica  Modern product
  4. 4. Example:- Morgan Sports Car, Bialetti Moka Express Coffee Maker, Mont Blanc Fountain Pen etc. Manufacturers bought back after a period of absence Wispa was a huge success in 1981 They adopted many ways to catch the market Some products where successful and some other were failure
  5. 5. Modern in functionality, but old in look and feel Appeal less quality and more about style and fun Example:- Roberts Revival 250 Retro style is a way to differentiate product RETRO CAMERAS New camera takes style of Olympus pen of sixties Adds modern digital technology
  6. 6.  Today's big brands are all rooted in the past.  Examples  It : Tide, Coca-cola, BMW, apple... Is Largely Based On The Regard In Which We Hold The Decade.
  7. 7.  Internet has helped in the spread of retro.  Example:  The Re-production of 1960’s telephones. internet allows campaigns to bring back the product from the past.
  8. 8.  Company history and brand heritage is important in any retro campaign.  The appeal is either a real or imagined past that conjures up image of a lost age.  Example: Cadbury’s website presents a picture of oldfashioned chocolate factory with an old style bus parked nearby.
  9. 9.  Retro is here to stay  There is nothing great about the present.  Nostalgia has always had its greatest influence when the present looks less promising.