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Harvard Law School Justice Hackathon 2018 | Hauser Hall by Jacob Khan


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Developers, project managers, tech enthusiasts, law enthusiasts, and justice-minded citizens from the Harvard and MIT communities focus on developing (both technical and non-technical) solutions to problems that HLS Clinics face. HLS Clinics provide free legal services to people who could not otherwise afford or access legal services. The hackathon is co-sponsored by Developing Justice, the Harvard Law and Technology Society, and the Legal Services Center. The hackathon will be judged by MIT professor and MacArthur Fellow Eric Demaine.

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Harvard Law School Justice Hackathon 2018 | Hauser Hall by Jacob Khan

  1. 1. Justice Hackathon 2018 Jacob Khan, Hauser Hall 102 Malkin Classroom Harvard Law SchoolNovember 11, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
  2. 2. The problem and solution to Predatory lending • People are not showing up to court • Texting them a day before court date (Texting them a day early is helpful)
  3. 3. Using software to find people • Using APIs from the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) • Names and meta data • RAW CSV (cases) files from courts • Create a repository that has an API for developers • Get data (phone numbers) from Medicaid and Medicare through API • Creating a repository for data (Open data) • Hosting with open API for upcoming • API’s from credit reporting agencies • Transunion • Experian • Equifax
  4. 4. • Create a program which downloads data and updates a postgress or mysql database. (API) • Create a .sh bash file which emails and people in a loop • Texting people with public phone gateways • Eg.
  5. 5. Questions