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Jacob dickey social media


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Jacob dickey social media

  1. 1. Social Media PortfolioJacob Dickey
  2. 2. Personal Social Media• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• Google+• Pinterest• Instagram• YouTube• Blogger• Vine
  3. 3. Work Experiences• Reporter – UIUC CFFA• Reporter – UIUC Ag Ed Club• Public Relations Executive – UIUC CFB• Communications Specialist – UIUC Ag Ed• Marketing and Communications Intern –Department of Food Science and HumanNutrition at UIUC
  4. 4. passionpurposedream.blogspot.comPersonal Blog
  5. 5. UIUC Ag Ed ClubFacebook PageLinked to Twitter
  6. 6. UIUC Collegiate Farm BureauFacebook PageLinked to Twitter
  7. 7. UIUC Collegiate FFAFacebook PageLinked to Twitter
  8. 8. Marketing andCommunicationsDepartment of Food Science andHuman NutritionBevier Cafe
  9. 9. Bevier CaféFacebook Page
  10. 10. Bevier CaféTwitter Profile
  11. 11. Bevier CafeYouTube Profile
  12. 12. Bevier CaféHootsuite
  13. 13. Bevier Cafe• What is it?• Summer Session Opening• Marketing Concept• Results;– Customers: 17% Up– Gross Sales: >20% Up– Total Weekly Reach (249 to 953)