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Stonehenge productions powerpoint


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Stonehenge productions powerpoint

  1. 1. History of Stonehenge productions 2000 2016 In the year 1999 a man by the name of Jacob Bird had just emigrated to England after after working for well-known film Company called universal studios. He decided that he would set up his own film production company, at this same time well-known editor (George Phelps) and sought after producer (Josh Rosevear) were good friends of Jacob had heard about his idea and they decided in January of 2000 that all three of them would go into business as a film Studio. Their first decision was to to name the company Stonehenge productions and to make a name for themselves by focusing on making controversial British films. Their first film was a very controversial, hard hitting, true story about slavery which was released just months after they had crated the company. This film called “Another one” is today one of there most successful film. The next main step for Stonehenge productions was when they moved onto making coming of ace films to which since 2004 they have mainly been making. Some of these films such as “My Way”, “The glass sole” and “Normal View” have all focused on a different hard-hitting topic that very much related to teenagers of their time. In 2016 not only have hinge changed their logo it is also suggested that they are working with other production companies to make bigger budgeted films that we may see in the near future.
  2. 2. Films by Stonehenge productions The film Another One that was produced in may of 2000 was based around a true story of a woman named Mima who lived in the early 1700s and was slave. The film follows her life and shows how she survived in this brutal, RAISIS and unjust time of history. the film ends in her eventual death which is portrayed extremely well. When making this film we worked very closely with a diary left by Mima and who are expected to be her descendants now living in England. Since Stonehenge productions was created, we have always been focused mostly on making coming-of-age films that tackle controversial issues faced by teenagers of today. We have always been a small UK-based film company and have always focused on making small budget films that have strong moral messages embedded within them. Our main director(Jacob bird) has always taken every opportunity however to make films based on true stories. This was why one of first films called Another one was in fact created and produced by our company. This film ended up Being one of our most successful films and was nominated as film of the year in the Golden Globe awards.
  3. 3. The logo The logo created by Stonehenge productions is used because it is a very recognisable British monument that will attract audiences to watch the film as they will automatically link it to something they have seen before causing them to recognise it even if they haven’t seen Stonehenge film before. This however means that the production company will have to keep stay as small uk-based Company that would not have the ability or funds to distribute a Film elsewhere in the world.