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Audience Research


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Audience Research

  1. 1. Luke Graham - 7 Years The sad nature of the video crates an environment where the audience becomes dominant to what the lyrics are saying. Reception theory supports this however, some audience member would be oppositional as they do not believe that life can go that quickly and so they cannot understand the song. Although I believe that this would be a younger audience that who would not be the target audience of the song anyway. The gratification that most of the audiences would get here is identification. This is because people will be able to identify with what the song is talking about and see their own life in flash-backs that will induced by the song. This leads to the Hypodermic Mode where the audience cant help by be injected with the message of the song which is really to enjoy your life and emphasizes on the fact that old age is ‘cold’ which there for makes you question your moral principles through fear. The Affect mode suggests that it is a positive affect on the audience if they are young as the can change there lives for the better but it could have a negative affect on older person if they have regrets about their lives. This all comes from the message of the text. /watch?v=LHCob76kigA
  2. 2. Tayler swifts “shake it off” is based around all of the men she has dated and been rejected by. She suggests to the audience that all men are the same and will only hurt women but that women are strong and independent. The audience are dominant here and even most men believe what she says. The audience use the gratification in the narrative as a form of escapism, as it would help both men and women who have recently gone through a brake- up try to literally ’shake it off’. They would imagen their own personal situation and then implement the song to suit them the best. Overall the song becomes very relateable to most people passive to what they are seeing. This then leads onto the Affect mode, the power of the song lies with the message of shake it off and the audience will accept this witch may have a negative affect on how they view relationships. It proves that the audience are powerless to the message as it is being injected into them without them even knowing. This will in the long term affect their moral principles as it induce fear of hurt and rejection. As shown in the Hypodermic mode. /watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM
  3. 3. Within the few lyrics that are in the song, it creates a very dominant positon over the audience. This is because it focuses on love that was found in the summer. The narrative, rather than the performance is the predominant facture of the video and is defiantly for the heterosexual male as it is all about cars racing and attractive women. The audience will believe everything they are being shown and told as they are distracted by the typical male make believe world. The use of Gratification in this video is defiantly for escapism this is because there is no real chance of men being able to live the sort of life that the narrative portrays however, it is also partly relatable as the lyrics are very relatable to many people if they have met someone in the summer. This leads on the the Hypodermic mode where again most of the audience would be powerless to the affects that it would have on their moral principles, for most it would up the cockiness almost which in the effects mode would be considered a negative affect. On the other hand however, is someone is very nervous then this sort of song may give them some sort of confidence which of coerce would be a positive affect. com/watch?v=ebXbLfL ACGM