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Why is the blockchain training course valuable

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  2. Copyright © Blockchain Council Why is the blockchain training course valuable? Learning is an ongoing process, and starting up with the right field of learning plays an important role in defining your career in the future. Technology seems to be intervening in our lives like never before, from our phones to our television, everything has become smart and technology-aided. Hence it becomes a key area of interest for those who wish to make a career and even the industry. Amongst the technological developments that have impacted our life, Blockchain plays an integral role. Blockchain is the distributed ledger technology that started its journey in the year 2009; we can find its prominence across the different industry segments. Unlike other technologies that work on the forefront, Blockchain forms the backbone of most up and running technologies like AI, ML and Big Data. It provides a platform that ensures easier accessibility of data while ensuring complete data security. 2
  3. Copyright © Blockchain Council Why Blockchain? If you are still wondering why the Blockchain course will be a valuable addition to your learning phase, then probably you should read ahead: Omnipresence: What makes Blockchain an inevitable technology of the future is its use in different industries. Right from food to finance, you can find the prominence of Blockchain technology. Irrespective of your area of interest, you will find Blockchain paving its way in it. 3
  4. Copyright © Blockchain Council Good pay: the end objective of any individual after successful completion of Blockchain certification is that they get good pay, and yes, Blockchain gives you that. A Blockchain professional's average salary is between $150,000 and $175,000 per year, whereas the average salary of a software engineer salary stands at $137,000 per year. So, you can easily guess which field is right for you. It is the future: Although Blockchain may be developing, and it would be just 11 years old in the business, but the impact is more evident. The way it has favored a wave of change across the different industrial segments, Blockchain does promise a strong future, thus ensuring that once you have completed the Blockchain certification program, you don't have to look behind. The future holds sets of opportunities for you. 4
  5. Copyright © Blockchain Council With all these benefits, Blockchain becomes a futuristic technology that promises good career growth. If you are also interested in making a good career growth, choosing the right learning platform becomes paramount. Blockchain Council is a renowned online platform providing Blockchain training and courses. Its courses are not limited to Blockchain certification, but specialized Blockchain training for HR professionals, finance professionals and others. So, based on your field of interest, you can pick the course, and let your future unfold growth and progress. Connect with the Blockchain Council today. 5
  6. Copyright © Blockchain Council Blockchain Council Certifications You can check out our certifications, and kick start your career in the Blockchain space today. ● Certified Blockchain Expert ● Certified Blockchain Developer ● Certified Smart Contract Developer ● Certified Solidity Developer ● Certified Ethereum Developer 6
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