Autism Speaks RFP


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MARK 311: Market Research & Consumer Surveys Fall 2012
Request for Proposal

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Autism Speaks RFP

  1. 1. Quinlan School of Business Department of Marketing Water Tower Campus Maguire Hall | 1 East Pearson | Chicago, Illinois 60611 p (312) 615-6541 | f (312) 615-6988Wednesday, October 31, 2012Dear Katrina Mesina,Within thisRFP response, we are excited to share our research instruments. Included is a focus group moderator guide tocollect primary, qualitative, exploratory data. Additionally, the hyperlink pasted below will direct you to the Qualtricssurvey to collect primary, quantitative, descriptive data. To reinforce, our research will answer the question: How willAutism Speaks make the Light It Up Blue event in Chicago a success? We will explore who volunteers for Light It UpBlue, investigate the underlying motives of those participating in Light It Up Blue, understand why buildings do notparticipate in the event, examine if lighting up Chicago blue helps raise awareness for Autism Speaks, and determine whyother not-for-profit causes are supported in Chicago.Our focus group moderator guide addresses engagement, exploration, and exit questions. In total, there are eightquestions; we have two engagement questions, five exploration questions, and one exit question. Our questions are basedoff of our five research objectives above and we will gain valuable insights to each of them.Pretesting for our survey was accomplished by running 391 Qualtrics tests that checked the mechanics of the survey.Classmates also tested our survey for flow, logic, and types of questions. Through pretesting we removed many of ournominal questions and replaced them with ordinal, interval, and ratio questions. Through these modifications, we will gainvalid and reliable survey results. Throughout our survey we have fourteen nominal questions, two ordinal questions, threeinterval questions, and four ratio questions, with a total of twenty three questions. Following the suggestions given in“Open-Ended Questions vs. Closed-Ended Questions,” we wrote closed-ended questions in the survey, while savingopened-ended questions for our focus group. In our survey, we incorporated a combination of skip logic and display logic,as well as blocking and page breaks to allow the survey to flow more naturally. Following the second Qualtrics seminar,we added in various media aspects, such as video clips, screenshots, and interactive rating scales. Mirroring the casestudy, “Domino’s Pizza Transactional Survey”, we used interactive features in order to keep the survey interesting andparticipants engaged. Here is the link to our survey: next steps in our research process will be conducting our focus group and collecting data from our survey. Weconsider our sample to be college-educated individuals who may or may not have an awareness of Autism Speaks Light itUp Blue event.This is a non-probability study.Data will be collected through November and will be analyzed after Thanksgiving. Initial findings will be available duringthe first week of December, and final white paper deliverables will be made available by mid-December. We are alsodeveloping the platform through which to present our initial findings to you during the first week of December. For apreview, click the link in touch with questions, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and moving forward to collect data.Many thanks,Jacob 1
  2. 2. Focus Group Moderator GuideEngagement questions:  What is your favorite non-profit organization to volunteer for?  What draws you to non-profit events?Exploration Questions:  What do you hope to get out of volunteering for non-profits?  What are your opinions on non-profit organizations?  How do you hear about non-profit events around Chicago?  How do you feel when the Chicago skyline is lit up to reflect a cause?  What are your thoughts on lighting Chicago’s skyline blue to raise awareness?Exit question:  Is there anything else you would like to say about Autism Speaks or the Light it Up Blue event? 2
  3. 3. Qualtrics SurveyAutism Speaks as of 10/26Q24 Welcome and thank you for participating in this survey. We greatly appreciate your input.Q30 Timing First Click (1) Last Click (2) Page Submit (3) Click Count (4)Q27 Do you have a general knowledge about what autism is? Yes (1) No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To End of BlockAnswer If Do you know what Autism is? Yes Is SelectedQ18 Have you ever heard of the organization Autism Speaks? Yes (1) No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To What color represents Autism and Auti...Q19 What is your opinion of the organization Autism Speaks? Highly Negative (1) Moderately Negative (2) Indifferent (3) Moderately Positive (4) Highly Positive (5) 3
  4. 4. Q29 What color is associated with Autism and Autism Awareness? Image:Purple (1) Image:Blue screen 60 120 167 (2) Image:Img thing (3) Image:400px green square.svg (4) Image:Bright red suede (5) Image:200px solid black.svg (6) I dont know (7) 4
  5. 5. Q10 Is anyone in your life effected by autism? Yes (1) No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To End of BlockQ41 Please rate how much autism effects your life. Not very effected (1) Somewhat effected (2) Very effected (3)Q28 Timing First Click (1) Last Click (2) Page Submit (3) Click Count (4)Answer If Have you ever heard of the organization Autism Speaks? Yes Is SelectedQ1 Are you a current or past volunteer for Autism Speaks? Yes, current volunteer (1) Yes, past volunteer (2) No (3)Answer If Have you ever heard of the organization Autism Speaks? Yes Is SelectedQ2 How many events for Autism Speaks have you participated in? Please insert a number.Answer If How many events for Autism Speaks have you participated i... Text Response Is Greater Than 0Q5 Have you participated in an Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue event? Yes (1) No (2)Answer If Have you participated in the Autism Speaks Light It Up Bl... Yes Is SelectedQ6 Use the slider to describe your experience with Light It Up Blue. 1 (1) 2 (2) 3 (3) 4 (4) 5 (5) 5
  6. 6. Q31 Timing First Click (1) Last Click (2) Page Submit (3) Click Count (4)Answer If Have you ever heard of the organization Autism Speaks? Yes Is SelectedQ25 Are you aware that many buildings worldwide "Light Up Blue" for Autism Awareness Month? Yes (1) No (2)Answer If Are you aware that many building worldwide "Light Up Blue... Yes Is SelectedQ26 Do you think lighting buildings blue during Autism Awareness Month is effective in raising awareness? Yes (1) No (2)Answer If Do you think lighting buildings blue during Autism Awaren... No Is SelectedQ40 Why do you believe lighting buildings blue is not effective in raising awareness?Q14 Which month is Autism Awareness month? January (1) April (2) May (3) August (4) October (5) I dont know (6)Q32 Timing First Click (1) Last Click (2) Page Submit (3) Click Count (4) 6
  7. 7. Q37 Please click on the one area that stands out to you the most.Q38 Timing First Click (1) Last Click (2) Page Submit (3) Click Count (4) 7
  8. 8. Q13 Pretend you have $100 to distribute among the 5 charitable organizations below. Insert the amount youwould give to each organization in the corresponding text boxes.______ Image:Noblenews 0001 susan%20g%20komen (1)______ Image:99691 1228596668491 300 207 (2)______ Image:Autism speaks logo good (3)______ Image:Habitatlogo1 (4)______ Image:Ncadv logo (5)Q33 Timing First Click (1) Last Click (2) Page Submit (3) Click Count (4)Q35 Do you or have you volunteered for a not-for-profit organization? Yes (1) No (2)If No Is Selected, Then Skip To End of BlockQ7 Rank the following not-for-profit causes that you would volunteer for (1 being the most likely to volunteerand 6 being the least likely).______ Autism Speaks (1)______ Susan G. Komen for the Cure (2)______ (RED) (3)______ Habitat for Humanity (4)______ National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (5)______ Other (Please Specify) (6)Q34 Timing First Click (1) Last Click (2) Page Submit (3) Click Count (4)Q4 What is your motivation for volunteering? Please select all that apply. You are affected by a cause (1) Someone you know is affected by a cause (2) You enjoy volunteering for non-profit organizations (3) You enjoy participating in fun events (4) You are morally motivated to volunteer (5) Other (please specify) (6) ____________________Q15 Please select your gender: Male (1) Female (2) 8
  9. 9. Q16 In what year were you born? (ex. 1985)Q17 Describe your current employment status. Student (Unemployed) (1) Student (Employed) (2) Employed (Part-Time) (3) Employed (Full-Time) (4) Unemployed (5) Retired (6)Q23 Please rank methods through which you would be willing to receive more information about Autism.______ Email (1)______ Mail (2)______ Text Message (3)______ Social Media (ex Twitter, Facebook, etc.) (4)______ Autism Speaks Website (5)Q36 Thank you for completing the survey. We appreciate your time and input. 9
  10. 10. 10