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How To Get Indexed Your Website By Google, Yahoo And Bing Faster


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How To Get Indexed Your Website By Google, Yahoo And Bing Faster

  1. 1. How To Get Indexed Your Website By Google, Yahoo And BingFasterGetting Indexed By The Search EnginesIf you want to get traffic from search engines as quickly as possible, you need to get indexed yourwebsite in the reasonable time. This article introduces the best ways how to get indexed faster byGoogle, Yahoo and Bing.Why Is Your Website Indexed Slowly?To understand how the search engine indexing process works lets have a look at the reasons whyare some web pages indexed very slowly. The slow indexing happens to new websites which haveonly a few backlinks (keep in mind that your website will never be indexed unless it has at least onebacklink). With only a few backlinks it may take some time before your website is found by googlebotand other search engine spiders.But slow indexing may happen to established websites too. If you have content which is neverupdated (or if the updates happen only a few times a year) the search engine spiders will crawl yourwebsite less often.Tips How To Get Indexed QuicklyTip #1: Use RSS FeedsCreate RSS feed (if you use some CMS script like Joomla or WordPress it creates RSS feedautomatically) and submit it to RSS feed directories. Every time you publish a new article (or anotherwebsite content) the link to a new page will appear in these RSS aggregators. This way, the searchengines will find the newest content of your website very quickly.Tip #2: Put Links To The New Content On Your HomepageThis tip may work well for webmasters who have established domain with enough backlinks and a lotof content. While home pages of such domains are usually indexed very fast, some subpages mayneed more time to get indexed. To make easier for the search engine spiders to find newly createdsubpages, create a "news" section on your homepage. Every time you create a new page, link it fromthe homepage.Tip #3: Use Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking websites allow to submit links to any page on your domain, not only to thehomepage. You can use these websites to create backlinks to the new pages. There are thousandsof social bookmarking websites. Choose some with higher pagerank and do not forget to check out if
  2. 2. the links are dofollow (nofollow links will not help you to get indexed faster because they are notfollowed by the search engine spiders). Use some of the SEO tools to highlight nofollow links.If you will follow some of these tips, you will usually get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing in oneday. If you create relevant backlinks from high pagerank domains, you may be indexed even in onehour or less.• How to install Article Post Robot• Article Post Robot review• Keyword research tips• Benefits of the keyword researchGoogle Related Articleswebsite content