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Buzz Words_ What To Say, What NOT To Say


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Buzz Words_ What To Say, What NOT To Say

  1. 1. Buzz Words: What To Say, What NOT To SayBuzz Words: What to Say and What NOT to Say:Written By: Darren Bocksnick © 2009When writing website content or submitting articles for posting on the Internet, there are certain keywords that should not be used, especially in the case of blogging. Once used, these “buzz” wordstrigger the anti-spam filters on many websites. Once the anti-spam filters are activated; your contentis either flagged, or you are kicked off that website altogether.Due to the plethora of scams and fictitious business offers pummeling through the Internet, manycompanies have stepped up their efforts to stymie this ongoing issue and have set up countermeasures as a result. Anti-spam filters, digital signatures and site authenticity protocols are just someof the measures used by websites to counter the spam problem.So, if you’re having trouble marketing or promoting a legitimate business, it may be that you’veoverstepped the “buzz” word boundaries in your presentation. Cleaning up your content and makingsure the angle of your approach is presented rather than promoted is the accepted norm and usuallymeans the difference between having your content approved and posted or having it flagged andpulled.Here are some of the known “buzz” words that will trigger the anti-spam radars to hone in on your“signal” and respond accordingly with the appropriate counter measures. Uh, that means, they takeyou OUT!Free!50% off!Click HereCall now!SubscribeEarn $Discount!Eliminate DebtDouble your incomeYoure a Winner!Reverses Aging"Hidden"Information you requested"Stop" or "Stops"Lose Weigh Act Now!All NewAll NaturalAvoid BankruptcyAs Seen On…
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  3. 3. Work at homeSource:; just as there are buzz words to avoid, there are also some very powerful words that shouldbe included and incorporated into your writing. When used, these words invoke authority, inviteattention and elicit a response as in sales or revenue! Get out of the radar zone and into the targetzone with these stealthy, healthy and wealthy words of power:absoluteacclaimadaptableadvantagesaffordableanalysisantiqueappallingastoundingauthenticbeaconbenefitboldbreakthroughclassicclevercompactconvenientcritiquecustom-madedaringdazzlingdelightfuldependabledestinydiscountdiscussiondistinctivedurableeconomicalefficientevaluateevery day events
  4. 4. exclusiveexpertexquisiteextensiveextraordinaryextremefatefavoritefeature-packedfindingsflairflawlessflexibleforgegenuinehalf-pricedhandyhelpfulhigh-qualityhonorablehow-toin a class by itselfindulgeinexpensiveinfluentialinformativeingeniousinnovativeinvaluableinvestigationleadlow-pricedluxuriousluxurymagicmagicalmusclemuseum-qualitynew
  5. 5. nostalgicone of a kindopinionoptionalorganicoutrageousoverwhelmingpatrioticphenomenalpiece of artplanpolicySource: closing, in the battlefield of business, your words and vocabulary are some of the best “weapons”in your arsenal. They can place you in a favorable position and build up your reputation. Likewise, theabsence of articulation and well-appointed words can be detrimental and damaging to your career orbusiness, just as equally.When marketing your business on the Internet, this truth especially holds sway. The last thing youwant is to be relegated to that of a scammer. Instead, let your submitted content emanate withinspiration. To that end, convey your words so that they paint a positive, upbeat picture about yourbusiness and ultimately, about your character!website content