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My professional identity


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Published in: Business, Career
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My professional identity

  1. 1. You have some options to choice only one
  2. 2. Run the space, be on the alert and follow your natural feeling
  3. 3. My modus operandi
  4. 4. Who I am Where I come from Where I am going to be within the next 3 years
  5. 5. I am Jacopo D’Amico, a Call for proposal writer and a Social Media Manager I am confident in Web Marketing campaign and I got experience with online web analytics tools and KPI campaign performance analysis I am left-handed, so I am creative and solution orientated I know main European programmes and euro project techniques I have good self development and motivational focus.
  6. 6. WHERE I COME FROM • I Graduated In Political Science At Urbino University and I Got A Master Degree In Middle East Studies in 2002 Then I Made An Amazing Experience at Italian Embassay In Jordan where I Deal With Italian Business Men, Investitors And Local Institutions As Well • A Stimulating Experience Came To Me in 2009 when I Started To Work At Peace Keeping and Human Rights Projects. Since That Time I Have Not Stopped Dealing With Humanitarian Iussies in many Different Ways: (Foundraising, Delivering, Health Assisting, Education) • I Am Proud Of Me And I Want To Contribuite For A Better World
  7. 7. PARTNERSHIP & COOPERATION The First Iraqi - Italian Economic Forum 2012 26 - 28 June 2012 At The International Ninevah Hotel MOSUL (Iraq) Plan and secure mutually beneficial partnerships with major international brand names, organise fundraising local activities (adopt a pigotta project, Brescia AC football club, wedding gifts)
  8. 8. MY CHALLENGING TARGETS Euro project manager junior Research funding manager Expert in european project EU partnership building EU project funding expertise Time and budget planning Call for proposal writer
  9. 9. How can I help you • How to find the right sources for EU Funding Opportunities for Research and Innovation • How to identify and seize an opportunity for complementary funding • Checklist for EU innovation and research funding • Lifelong learning programme and international cooperation programmes in the field of education • The instrument for pre-accession assistance • Neighbourhood and partnership instrument – cross border cooperation
  10. 10. HOW CAN I HELP YOU • Submission and examination of grants applications • Calls for proposal and calls for tender • Support for the internationalisation through The instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) and the European neighbourhood Policy
  11. 11. PROJECT OFFICER I provided recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of Directors regarding companywide goals, objectives and policies. I developped and maintained a positive working relationship with various department heads as required to work through project development and management problem-solving. I developped, implemented and maintained all corporate policies and procedures.
  12. 12. Awards I delighted to receive I achieved high performance and appreciation of my manager, trainers and collegues 500 inspired hours at UNICEF Local Commitee in Italy Master degree in Global marketing & international trade relations in Bruxelles Insurance training Certifycates: Underwriting, risk assumption; compliance, sales process and customer care; security, privacy e disaster recovery; investments management; strategy and technical aspects; informations security, Anti corrupt practies and law Business administration “ From the idea to the company building”, Start Impresa, Confindustria Pescara
  13. 13. MY ASPIRATION AND VISION • Health and wellness (I prefer slow food style and I run 7 miles every day) • Make money achieving a balance between work and free time (10 working hours, 6 free time hours) • Improve any aspect of my life • Help people to have a better quality of life
  14. 14. Workshop e seminars • Web marketing and internet reputation, 16 April 2013 Confindustria Pescara • The security of civil servants working in the crisis areas. 2 march 2013 Provincia di Pescara a cura di Centro Europeo Sicurezza e autodifesa, Centro Studi Internazionale Formazione e Sicurezza (CSIFS) e Associazione Passage to the South • The management check in the economic business context 5 march 2013 Confindustria Pescara • Globalisation and new tools to face the foreign markets. 6 March 2013 Confindustria Pescara • Negotiation to win 19 February 2013, ThinkGet Pescara • September 2012 Business coaching, Success strategies srl, Confindustria Pescara,. • Google marketing. Guidelines to biggest market worldwide with Fabrizio Barbarossa, Confindustria Pescara
  15. 15. ROI in web advertaising
  16. 16. Where I am going to be within the next three years
  17. 17. Check it out Something about me