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  1. 1. 8 A U G U S T , 2 0 1 6 INSIDE CONNECTION Jaclyn Olszewski | DIRECTOR, EVENTS & EDITORIAL Represent Your Company at CAI-NJ Events A s a paying member of an organization, there is nothing worse than sending your registration form in for an event that you have attended for 10+ years, and finding out that it is sold out and you cannot get in! You plan for these events in your calendar a year in advance, you strategically select the team who will repre- sent the company, you budget the cost to attend or sponsor, even before the event itself is scheduled. Yet something comes up. Your email doesn’t receive notice that registra- tion is open, you are so busy at work that you thought you already registered or simply, you just forgot. For myself as the Director of Events and Angela, the Director of Conference and Programs, who serve as the “Gate Keepers” of registration, there is nothing worse for us, than tell- ing a loyal member that they cannot attend. This is becoming more and more of a challenge as both the New Jersey chap- ter of Community Associations Institute, as well as the demand for our events and programs continue to grow. You may have noticed that so far in 2016, roughly 80% of the CAI-NJ programs and events have sold out, causing complications with registration and your marketing plans. This is both and exciting yet a troubling occurrence for the team here at CAI. The demand for our programs is great- ly increasing, this year’s Spring Break event had a 50% increase in registration from 2015, prompting a move to a larger venue only one week prior. Executive Director, Larry Thomas and I spent a full day, driving the coastline at the Jersey Shore, uninvitingly stopping in at various venues that we thought would be able to accommodate our group, just days before the event was scheduled. Thankfully, we were able to change the venue last minute and allow for the additional 160 members to join us. The CA-PAC Day at the Races saw an increase of 60% in registrations, and our educational programs that Angela coordinates are seeing waitlists for each and every class! I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to find larger venues to hold our events and we are trying to inform our members as early as possible when registrations are open, as well as when they are nearing capacity. It is with your support and the hard work that each committee puts into these events, that CAI-NJ is growing rapidly. With all these additional registrations for events, members are making connections with more and more industry profes- sionals to grow and develop their own business. The last thing we here at CAI-NJ want to do, is limit our members’ possibilities for networking opportunities. In order to help you know when registrations for events will be opening, I have created a list of the major events Events Time of Year Event is Held Registration Opens Awards Dinner Mid-February December Spring Break Party Mid-April February CA-PAC Day at The Races Early June April Dennis R. Casale Memorial Golf Outing Late June Limited Due to Partner Program Olympics Mid- July May Senior Summit Mid- July May Beach Party Mid- August June Conference & Expo Booths October Early Bird at Conference Conference & Expo Attendees October May *This chart is an estimate of when registrations will open. It is subject to change. CONTINUES ON PAGE 84