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Is there one machine to replace manual plaster the wall?


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Is there one machine to replace manual plaster the wall?
I think the answer is yes,we call it automatic wall render machine or wall plaster machine,now wall render machine has experience from 1st generation to 7th generation,which has a quite mature technology to plaster wall high efficiently and well qualitied...

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Is there one machine to replace manual plaster the wall?

  2. 2. Zhengzhou Sincola Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-technology, modern enterprise established in 2009, professionally engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of auto render machine. We have 100 staffs full-time, more than 10 people with middle and senior titles and technical, building area of 9000 square meters. Automatic rendering plastering wall machine is widely used in residential, office buildings, factories, schools, such as rural self-built housing wall plaster work, reduces the labor intensity of workers, plastering greatly improve the rendering efficiency, shorten the construction cycle, are exported to eastern Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia, central Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Americas, Oceania more than 30 countries and regions.
  3. 3. Zhengzhou Sincola Machinery Co.,Ltd. Add:No.18 Dongfeng Road, Zhengzhou Henan, China Tel:+86-371-56053450 Fax:+86-371-86253575 Skype: Whatsapp , Viber , Line ,Mob: +8615515526967 Name: Jacky AUTOMATIC RENDERING MACHINE the machine can be made into full stainless steel Model SRM7 ( Recommend) SRM4 SRM5-1 SRM5-1.2 SRM6 Rendering Height(m) 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 Rendering Width(mm) 1000 OR 1200 800 800 OR 1000 1200 1000 Rendering Speed(m²/h) 70-80 60-70 80-90 90-110 80-90 Rendering Thickness(mm) 5-30 Power 1.5KW/380V/220V-50HZ/60 HZ 0.75KW/380V/220V-50HZ/60H Z 2.2KW/380V/220V-50HZ/60H Z 2.2KW/380V/220V-50HZ/60HZ 1.1KW/380V/220V-50HZ/60 HZ Electricity Phase Single/Three Single/Three Single/Three Single/Three Single/Three Dimension(mm) 1000*650*550 1200*650*550 800×650×550 1000×650×550 800×800×500 1000×800×500 1200×800×500 1000×650×550 Weight(Kg) 180 120 130 160 140 Usage Brick Wall, Block Wall, Indoor Suitable Materials 1.Cement Mortar ,2.Ready Mix Mortar,3.Gypsum Mortar ,4.Lime Mortar Feature No Need to Mark the Reference Point. One Higher Quality of Flatness. Limit Lever. Increase 30% the Volume of the Mortar Tank. Stretched Plate of the Overhead Beam Shift machine conveniently when pass door or concrete beams of ceiling no need to disassemble directional pipes. New alluminium alloy main unit and stainless steel directional pipes. Original gear rack driving system enable output of main power is more peaceful and stable Less failure rate. Higher productivity,big Gerworking alluminium alloy main unit and stainless steel directional pipes. Original gear rack driving system enable output of main power is more peaceful and stable less failure rate. No Need to Mark the Reference Point. One Quality of Flatness. Limit Lever. Increase 30% the Volume of the Mortar Tank. Stretched Plate of the Overhead Beam
  4. 4. Product Development First generation SRM1 The first generation close beta test product at 2008. Second generation, SRM1-1 Preliminary listed at 2009, after 16 months it development into shape. Third generation, SRM 2, belt feeding time to market in 2010, the shape of this model is too large improved later. Fourth generation, SRM4 steel wire rope climbing, after two years, the first generation of hopper feeding way went public in 2012. Fifth generation, SRM5 pole climbing, improved the instability in the process of steel wire rope climbing. Went public in 2013, after years of user testing, this machine is more stable. Width: 800mm,1000mm,1200mm Sixth generation, SRM6 the machine improved the problem that 20 cm at the bottom of the wall can t rendered. Machine first time improved to not need person to make points on wall, use laser positioning. Width: 1000mm,1200mm Seventh Generation, SRM7 the machine use laser positioning, no need person to make points on wall. It is the upgrade products of five generation, simple to operate. At present, the product is relatively stable during all the machines. SRM7 LASER POSITIONING AUTOMATIC RENDERING MACHINE SRM6 LASER POSITIONING AUTOMATIC RENDERING MACHINE
  6. 6. AUTOMATIC RENDERING MACHINE AND ALL PARTS TOOLBOX SRM6 and SRM7 generation laser positioning equipment. Main Engine Green Box Protective Glasses Line Capturing Strap Charger Instruction Book Using semiconductor green laser with wavelength of 635 nm the laser line is clear and bright. LASER POSITIONING DEVICE LASER POSITIONING DEVICE
  7. 7. Machine Position Calibration Waterproof Main Motor Assembly Machine Stick Up Rod Assembly Bottom of the Machine Assembly Machine to Be Installed Machine Render Plate to Be Installed
  8. 8. Machine Accessories Nylon wheel Gear shaft Screw Chain for Coupling Small nylon wheel Brush Tubing Gear Adjust handle Directional wheel Hydraulic pedal Pole Square tube Square tube processing Square tube Calibration Parts storage area
  9. 9. Machine Main Motor Waterproof WANSHSIN Motor , IP55 Protection Class Aluminum Alloy Shell Waterproof and Damp Proof Class F Insulation Galvanized Screw Anti-pendant Automatic Braking Deceleration Machine Seal Couplings Low Noise WANSHSIN Motor features is aluminum alloy shell of the motor, helical gear precision grinding, unique waterproof and damp proof design, motor IP55 protection class, Class F insulation, low noise, long life, geared motor has obtained ISO9002 certification, CE certification, UL.
  10. 10. Asynchronous Vibration Motor 220V 240V 380V 400V 415V Aluminum Alloy Shell, Pure Copper Coils. Asynchronous Waterproof Vibration Motor, get many national patents. WEIPU Wiring Protection Switch Waterproofing Grade IP44 CE Certificate
  11. 11. Triangle Ground Bus Plugs Triangle Grounding Line Plug 6 Meters Long Wires Machine Electrical Panel Protector Component
  12. 12. Electrical Accessories Box DEFU Electric Appliance CE Certification Insertion and Extraction Switch Ground Connection Insertion and Extraction Switch Machine Electric Equipment
  13. 13. Precision Measurement Qualified Inspection before Leave Factory Scale Measuring
  14. 14. Machine Wooden Case X1 Accessories Wooden Cases X1 Machine Size (SRM) Main Engine Wooden Case Size(mm) Main Engine Wooden Case Gross Weight(kg) Main Engine Wooden Case Volume(m3 ) Accessories Box Size(mm) Weight(kg) Volume(m3 ) 800 820x900x860 120 0.63 2440x250x250 60 0.3 1000 1020x900x860 140 0.78 2440x250x250 60 0.3 1200 1220x900x860 180 0.94 2440x250x250 60 0.3
  15. 15. Machine Outer packing Export Fumigation-free Wooden Cases
  16. 16. Motors and Electrical Certificates Certificate of Motor Certificate of Qualification Certificate of Motor CE Certificate of Electric Appliance
  17. 17. Shipping documents B/L CO OR FE
  18. 18. SASO Insurance
  19. 19. CE ISO
  20. 20. VIDEO ZHENGZHOU SINCOAL YOUTUBE SRM7 VIDEO HD Zhengzhou Sincola Machinery Co.,Ltd. Zhengzhou China. SRM AUTOMATIC RENDERING MACHINE TEL:+8637156053450 FAX:+8686263575 Website: