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Rome villa brochure


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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Rome villa brochure

  1. 1. Serve food menu Buy this house!!!! Breakfast: RO M A N V I L L A wheat pancake with dates and This house makes honey and wine your family happy. Come to Italy!!! Lunch: light meal of bread, cheese and possibly some meat.Dinner:onions, porridge, and pancake,meat, vegetable, egg, and fruit. porridge Italy Rome
  2. 2. RO M A N V I L L A O N S A L E ! ! ! Outside of Villa Here is new expensive luxurious villa. There are many rooms, which designed with modern design. Children, parents, pets will like this house, because there are many spaces to play. Also, you can bring your friends to stay for weekends. There is hypocaust, which makes floor warm. There is courtyard, which is located in middle of the house. There are water and no ceiling to see sky. There are nice entrance, long flat covered walk, spacious school room, and warm delightful bedroom. Lastly, there is wide long luxury bathroom, more than 20 people can go into bathroom. Hypocaust CourtyardThere is nice view to relaxand play. There is pool forchildren to play with friends. Entrance, covered walkThere are wide shadows to Bedroomrelax in the summer.Children can play baseball,soccer or hide and seek.People can take pictures,because there are niceviews. The green color fix Bathroom Schoolroompsychosomatic mind, so itwill be good for everyone.