Reflection september 26


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Reflection september 26

  1. 1. Strength, weakness: It was really hard to record, because I always say different thing.However, it was kind of fun, when I was just recording my voice. It was kind ofinteresting to compare 1st video, and 2nd video. There were not many differences, butthere were many same things. It was hard to take video when I need to record my voicereally low. It was kind of hard when I was figuring out differences, because there werenot many differences with my first, and second video. I think I need to take my videoreally differently so that there will be many differences.Improve: I think I need to improve my speaking skills, because I had difficulty speakingmy story to my computer. I think I need to practice speaking my story wellLearner profile: I think I am risk taker, because I am trying new things like recording mystory.