Final reflection


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Final reflection

  1. 1. 31/11/2011DramaChang Sun Lee Final reflection! There were many situations, and other things when I was creating life storyperformance. First, there were some strengths when I was creating life storyperformance. I had to find story that happend to grand parents. So I used LGu+phonethat can call grand parents in Korea. I was writing some notes that can be helpful oruseful when I present to people. I was practicing and practicing to make me speak wellwhen I talk to people. It was hard to talk my story perfectly, because when I talk topeople I always say ah ah and and so it was hard to talk my story perfectly. I alsopresented to grade 5, and they gave me good feed backs. One girl said that my story islike book, like she thought that she was reading book. Two boys said that your story isinteresting, and curious. I was happy when I heard that, because it was the best feedbacks I ever heard. I made video to show people what happened in Korea war. I wastrying to make perfect timing. I was nervous when I was preparing for presentation,because I was thinking I can do it or not. Second, there were some weakness when Iwas preparing for presenting life story. I had huge weakness, which is ending part. Thereason is because my story is happend when my grand mother was 9 years old. Myending part is I couldn’t remember what happend next, but I could remember that NorthKorean soldiers killed many people. I think this is really not good ending. Also, I heardone really not good feedback from shi hyun. He said your story is kind of not realistic.When I heard that feedback I was little bit sad. Third, there were some things to changeimprove on. I was thinking and thinking that what could be changed or improved on. Ithink I should improve ending part. I want to make ending part seriously so thateveryone can listen well. Also, I think I need to improve emotion part. When I waspracticing emotion was not going well. I was practiced like 5 times, but I couldn’t doemotion. Then I used some feed backs to fix my story. I was trying my best to changemy story better using some feedbacks. Hedvig said that I have to put effort in the talkingin dramatically so I was really trying hard to make my talk dramatically. Do Yeon saidthat I have to make my story more interesting so I put the four bombs exploding at front,back, left, and right. Then many people liked that part so I was really happy. Lastly, Iapplied some of research in my performance. I was kind of researching before asking togrand mother. There were many things to talk about, and I found Korean war. I thoughtthat story will be good to tell people to I interviewed my grand mother about Korea war.She was saying the story about 15 minutes so I made the story short. Also, I wasresearching about Korean war. She didn’t said that stealing, and in the internet they saidNorth Korean soldiers stole many food and plates. Also, I was searching for pictures toshow people what happend in Korea war. Even though I didn’t do many research, I triedmy best to prepare for presentation.
  2. 2. ! There were many things to talk about my presentation. First, there were manythings strengths to talk about presentation. Many people clapped me when I finished thepresentation. I was little bit embarrassed when I finished my presentation, but I washappy when friends clapped for me. Also, I think I did good at eye contact, because Iwas watching at friends all the time. I think I captured timing well. Shi hyun said that itwas really good timing. I thought that the video and my talk the timing was nor right, butit was so I was kind of happy. Second, there were some weaknesses with mypresentation. I think I did bat at talking, because I was talking like and or ahh. I wasreally nervous and I couldn’t talk well. I was really trying hard, but I think I did bad at thepresentation. It was hard to go up and talk to friends. I have stage scare that if I go up tostage, and if there are many people I’m really scared. Even though, I have stage scare,I did it I’m kind of happy. Lastly, I think I have some things to improve. I think I needimprove my talking even though I have stage scare. If I could speak well in the stage, Iwill be perfect. Also, I think I need to practiced more to get better at presenting stories. Ithink I need put songs in the video so that everyone will like it more. I think it was greattime.