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Feedbacks from my story


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Feedbacks from my story

  1. 1. 22/9/2011FeedbackToday there was some interesting feedbacks. I talked with Hedvic and she gave mefeedbacks that I didn’t think of. She said i need to make this story more dramatic and, Ineed to make my story longer. I was little bit sad when I heard my story need to be littlebit longer. Also, she told me that my story was really nice, but she thinks that I shouldmake my story more interesting. I didn’t know what she was saying, because she said,needs to be more dramatic, longer, and to be more interesting. I think I need to askothers to give me feed backs about my story.Improve:I think I need to improve my story more dramatic, and longer. I thought that I shouldmake my story little bit longer, but I think my story is really dramatic. I think she is sayingmore dramatic. Also, I should make my story interesting so that Hedvic can accept mystory is good.