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Drama essay


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Drama essay

  1. 1. Chang SunGr.8 Drama30/11/2011 Drama essay! The performance name is You Me and Ms. Jones. There are two characters thatthis essay will talk about, which are Somebody and Lenny. Somebody is a student andLenny is gang boss. In this essay I am going to talk about Characters, Symbols, Tempo/Pace, Lighting, Music/Sound/Sound Effects, Costume, and Space/Set design.! There are two characters what I am going to talk about, which are Somebodyand Lenny. First, Somebody is one of the main character in the performance. He’s tonewas kind of light and high voice, which was kind of like grade 6’s voice. He’s inflectionwas like kids. He was not speaking strongly, but he was speaking with Someone withlight and high voice. He was moving like he doesn’t have any power when someonewas catching Someone hand’s to ran away from gang. He was doing many handmovements to show his character. He’s facial expression was kind of dark, because hewas looking like he is lonely or sad. He used high level, because he had to run andwalk. For example, he walking at the street to find hero, but there was gang boss. Theywere talking with them and later Someone caught Somebody’s hand to run away fromgang. Also, he was speaking with normal speed. Lastly, Lenny is the second characterthat this essay will talk about. He’s voice was really light. He’s inflection was like adultand kind of student. He was speaking loudly and kind of strongly to make audiencehear. He was moving with wheel chair, because he got injured. He used wheels to movearound. He’s facial expressions were serious and surprised. He was doing serious facewhen he was telling his story and he did surprised face when Someone and Somebodywere gone. He used mid-level, because of wheel chair. Wheel chair is not that big andnot that small so it’s middle level. For example, if Lenny sits on the wheel chair, he willbe sitting on the wheel chair so it’s kind of mid-level. The purpose of he is sitting onwheel chair, because he got injured. He was speaking quickly first time, but he wastalking little bit slowly when he was telling the story. I think Lenny’s performance wasreally good, because even if he was sitting on wheel chair he was trying to act well. So Ithink he did really good.! There are some symbols in the performance. First, there were some objects thatrepresents. Black jackets were representing gang. Wheel chairs were representingLenny got injured. Also, for Somebody and someone, normal clothes represents theyare normal students. Second, there were some impacts in the performance. There washappening when Someone and Somebody ran away from gang. For example, WhenLenny was telling the story again, Someone and Somebody ran away from gang. Thattime was really impact when I watching the performance. Lastly, there were reasonswhy they were successful. They did really well when they were running from gang. For
  2. 2. example, when Lenny was telling story, they were disappeared so it was really goodtiming so I think the performance was successful.! There are many tempo/pace from the performance. First, the change of tempo/pace throughout the performance in start, middle, and end. In start section, they weresaying slowly, because they were in the dark street. In middle section, which was tellingthe story. It was slow too, because Lenny was telling the story slowly. The reason whywas that gangsters were demonstrating the story. For example, when he was telling theintroduction of story, he was kind of talking quickly, but when gangsters weredemonstrating the story Lenny was talking the story little bit slower. At end part, theywere kind of talking with normal speed. Second, there are some reasons why tempo/pace were used. The reason why is that if there is no tempo/pace, the performance willbe not fun. Lastly, it was kind of effective. Because of tempo/pace, it was really effective.I could see why they were talking slowly or moving slowly. I think because of tempo/pace, the performance went really well.! There were some lighting happenings in the performance. The lighting almostspotted at the middle of the stage when actors came to the stage. For example, the lightwas off then when the light was on the actors were coming out. The lighting is important,because lighting makes actors show. In Bugsy Malone, the light shows when the actorscome out or before actors come out. There were no any special lights, but the lightingwas really effective. For example, before scene starts, they turned off the lights and theyturned music on. Then when the actors came in, they turned the light on. I think thelight is really important for showing actors well.! There was one music when the light was off. When the light turned off, the musicwas turned on for waiting. There was no music in the scene, but there was music whenthe light was off. I think the music was some kind of effective when the audiences werewaiting for preparing for next scene. For example, when one scene finished the musicwas turned one and light was turned off. When the scene starts the light was turned onand music was turned off.! There were costumes for everybody in the performance. Somebody was wearingjeans, hoodi, and glasses. Someone was wearing pants, T-shirt and ribbon. Gangsterswere wearing black jackets and jeans. Any character didn’t change the costumes and Ithink the costumes that characters wearing tells the audience who they are.Costumesdevelop actors more likely a actor. For example, if gangsters walk on the stage withoutblack jackets, people will not know that they are gangsters. I think costume is reallyimportant for the performance.! The space and set design used effectively in the performance. There were someblack boxes when somebody and someone met gang. Set design influences theperformers by they are in like some place. For example, Somebody was in the streetand he met gang so the set design is street. If they know where they are, they can actbetter. The stage used effectively, because they used the space well and they acted in
  3. 3. the stage without background pictures. I think they can improve on the stage design soit can look little bit more like place.! The performance was really great that I wanted clap hands. Even if there aresome needs part, but they did really well. I liked the part when they ran away, because itwas kind of interesting. I think they can improve on the stage design, because it’s sosimple. I want the performance like to be like Bugsy Malone. I will recommend thisperformance to others to learn how the actors act and other things.