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D&G Profile

  1. 1. company profile
  2. 2. we separate we creat e we do it differently...
  3. 3. Vision, MissionOur VisionVisionTo be the best prefered Pre Press, Press and Creative Design agency.MissionTo invest in the state of the art technology, be a role model by growing our staff through knowledgesharing, creativity and offer guidance, support and direction to our clients.Core ValuesPartnershipWe aspire to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, from our internalsense of teamwork.GrowthWe believe in and committed to professional growth of our staff, our company and our client’sbusiness.PassionWe are passionate about who we are, what we do and how we do it. This comes from our people,our work and our service.Corporate cultureDots and Graphics staff are encouraged to own the company’s vision and mission, and bepassionate about what they do. This way their jobs become a fulfilling part of their lives as opposedto being mere work for pay. We focus on individual as well as clients growth. dots graphics ltd 3
  4. 4. Experience Structure Organizational Structure Dots and Graphics is run by a passionate and committed team who own the responsibility for realizing the firm’s vision by believing in what we can achieve and become and by sharing our knowledge. The organization is structured around the three main products i.e. pre press, creative graphic design, and offset printing, which are run by the Directors. The structure is flexible and accommodates the company’s growth without any dramatic changes. These are the main departments and heads: • Corporate affairs and overall direction (Managing Director) • Operations and Quality control (Production Manager) • Creative and Design concepts (Creative Director) • Client Service and Work flow Management (Client Service Manager) • Finance and HR administration (Finance consultant / HR Consultant) • Sales and Marketing Strategy (Sales and Marketing Manager) Team work... Experience Dots and Graphics team combines 25 + years of Pre Press, Graphic Design, and Print Production. We are proud to have been serving some of the most successful companies in the Advertising, Publishing and other corporate entities in the Kenyan Market and in East Africa. Covering a wide range of industries, the team offers an invaluable asset to their current and future customers. A non-executive corporate consultant whose mandate is to provide direction in Human Resource, strategic marketing and Finance strategy further drives Dots and Graphic’s vision.4 we separate we creat e
  5. 5. IntroductionWho we areIntroductionDots and Graphics Ltd was established in August 2010. Its main officeis based at Lowerhill Duplex, Upper Hill on Lower Hill Road. We are anintegrated Pre press house specializing in creative graphic design, colorseparation and offset printing. Our forte being Pre PressWhat We Do, How We Do ItDots and Graphics Ltd is a Pre press and graphic design studio based in Nairobi, Kenya whichserves the greater Nairobi and beyond. We specialize in Pre press services, Creative design anddevelopment; logo design and identity development; promotional and collateral design; interactiveservices for avant-garde, unique, hip, contemporary client-side marketing professionals, individuals,entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, start-ups, NGO’s, and small mid-sized businesses to corporates andfirms actively engaged in exploring opportunities to be different.Pre Press ServiceWe have a prepress department covering color separation, digital proofing, scanning, photoretouching, color management and manipulation of digital files and a large format printingdepartment for everything from presentations to exhibition posters. In addition we can arrange forservices such as conventional offset, litho printing and short run digital printing. We work with end Colour work...user agencies and printers of all kind (design, advertising, marketing and printers) and all sizes fromindividuals, small companies to multinationals.Our experience is particularly strong in industries such as magazine and book publishing, packagingdesign, point of sale material amongst others. We operate on high standards and you can chooseany of our services or just work with one of our departments to fulfill your needs. dots graphics ltd 5
  6. 6. Proofing Separation Color Separation Once the design is defined, it needs to be brought to life across various media. This is the process where color is broken into sections and separated from the artwork with the use of specialized software and machines which are operated by a team of specially trained individuals. Digital Proofing Color brought to life. The process involves hi-tech machines that run on sophisticated software that prints the artwork/design on coated paper bringing out vibrant, accurate colors. This process helps the client to identify the color and how it’s going to look on real print as well as see the quality of images (photography) and overall layout of the artwork. The client normally makes necessary changes at this stage before final print. Quality Control Quality and Productivity is what we stand for, we have a precise standard of measurement for every job/artwork every machine and every process. Here, the finished artwork that has gone through color-separation is thoroughly checked. This is one stage that needs a keen eyed specialist (hawk eye). Just to name a few of the stages to meet the standard: Density check of every film (color separation), Photography vs image quality Typography vs font substitution, Artwork size vs distortion Precise Colour... And more6 we separate we creat e
  7. 7. CreativeGraphic Design And Creative Service DesignOur experience working with clients in diverse industries has equipped us with the knowledge and toolsneeded in overcoming the challenges involved with applying a brand across many mediums. Weutilize that extensive experience in every aspect of the creative design process. Fusing our experiencewith our extensive knowledge of the print industry enables us to use innovative techniques to developand create unique designs that maintain and support your brand with high - quality contemporarygraphics and professional print collateral.We Design Around YouWe design completely around you, your personality, your business personality, your unique needs,expectations, schedule and budget. If a better approach presents itself, we will take that route. Ourprocess is meant to be taken as a starting point, to better show you what steps your design projectmay take. We meld our design style and your passionate knowledge and input about your businessand your industry to create ideas and design pieces that express your brand’s unique qualities inintelligible and compelling ways.ChoicesEach project we undertake is customized to produce maximum results. We strive to present a good Design project...variety of designs on the first round concepts. We are more than happy to produce multiple conceptsfor you to choose from and we won’t stop designing until you are happy.OptionsWe respect the worth of the resources you invest in us, and focus on using them efficiently. We provideclients with an array of services that can be customized so that clients have the option to engage usfor pre press, print, creative services, packaging design or complex comprehensive brand identity. dots graphics ltd 7
  8. 8. Offset Printing Printing Services Dots and Graphics can take your project from concept to completion. Our intimate knowledge and understanding of design, prepress, print production, material and process fused with our impeccable relationships with top printers, helps leverage our production and prepress services as a design tool and ensures the flawless execution of your project. We have affiliated with one of the best printers in town. With state-of-the -art printing machine and finishing equipment, we are now able to offer our client a one-stop shop service. We offer our clients peace of mind by taking care of your needs in print production and delivering high quality finished print material, from posters, fliers, POS (Point of sale) material, magazines, annual reports, brochures … name it and we will produce it. Personal Attention From the time that you choose to partner with Dots and Graphics, you will work directly with an Quality print... assigned team, our Creative Director and Graphic Designer. Our services are designed to be flexible to work within any environment to minimize any chance of miscommunication and we’ll discover the most convenient way to work with you. We’re more than happy to work with you on-site, remotely, one-on-one or as part of a team. Complete Customer Satisfation At Dots and Graphics ltd we are constantly looking for feedback as ways to improve our process. Customers are surveyed regularly to ensure they are completely satisfied with our product and service offering.8 we separate we creat e
  9. 9. Fast andCollaboration FlexibleAll of our work is a collaboration with you! We believe that collaboration iskey to a powerful partnership, innovative positioning and forward-thinkingdesign. We highly encourage honest dialogue, open-lines of communicationas well as your feedback and we’ll thoroughly explain every step of our process with ease and fun toensure an exciting creative experience.AccessInvesting in your business is important. When you choose to engage Dots and Graphics you becomeour partner. We are here to provide guidance, support and direction. We are always availalbe forconsultation and your customer service needs via PHONE, EMAIL and IN PERSON.Fast Turn Around TimeIn addition to our regular hours, we are available to work on your projects at night and during most PC and Macweekends.Delivery ServicesAlways on stand by to pick or deliver a client’s job, we will be there in a flash. This department isgrowing rapidly meaning more and more of our clients appreciate the speedy service they get fromDots and Graphics. We will pick or deliver your job at your doorstep any where within Nairobi. dots graphics ltd 9
  10. 10. Long term Partner Partnership Why does Dots and Graphics go to such great measures to build long term, mutually beneficial, relationships with their clients? We do not pretend to be “all things to all people,” or the “Best at everything” our goal is to develop long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with Companies and individuals that require our core product and service offering. Understanding your Business We realize that every business is different and therefore has unique needs when It comes to design, prepress and printing. Our client service, creative and production team work closely with all clients to understand the dynamics of their business and develop the right solution to suit their needs. Competitive Pricing & Flexible Payment Plans If you’d like to learn more about our pricing and flexible payment plans, please contact us and we will avail all the necessary information. Cross over... Try us... We Want You To Succeed! LET US ASSIST YOU WITH WHAT WE DO BEST — SO THAT YOU CAN FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST!10 we separate we creat e
  11. 11. Clever packaging Complete packages dots graphics ltd 11
  12. 12. dots graphics ltdwe separate we creat e lowerhill duplex, upperhill, lowerhill rd • po. box 62862 00200 nairobi - ke tel: +254 20 8155444 - 8 • fax: +254 20 8155449