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Batman narrative structure_02


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Batman narrative structure_02

  1. 1. VLADIMIR PROPP (1895-1970) Propp was a Bulgarian theorist. In his 1922 work The Morphology of the Folk Tale he analysed something like 400 Russian folk tales. He found that across all of these tales, despite apparent differences, characters and their actions can be categorized into clearly defined roles and functions (8 character roles and 31 narrative functions) which are summarized here: The hero: seeks something, to fulfill a ‘lack’ of some kind The villain: opposed the hero, tries to make the hero fail The donor: aids the hero by providing an object with magical properties The dispatcher: sends the hero on a quest of some kind The false hero: pretends to be the hero The helper: assists the hero in some way The princess: doubles up as a reward for the hero and the object of the villain’s plot Her father: will reward the hero (often by giving the hero his daughter) DARK KNIGHT RISES (which character fulfils this role and why?) Hero Batman- He's the Gaurdian of Gotham City and protects it. Villain Bane tries to destroy Gotham with a Power Core (bassicaly a nuke) Donor Lucius Fox, provides batman with all of his Gadgets and Vehicles Dispatcher John Blake, goes to see Bruce Wayne and convinces him to be Batman once again. Commisioner Gordon gets visited by batman and tells him that Batman is once again needed in gotham False hero Mirana Tate, She's basically the master mind of it all but we don't know this and find out all about it when she shanks batman Helper Alfred Batman's butler provides support emotionally and has been part of the family for years CatWoman, helps batman find bane and defeat him too. John Blake also helps defeat Bane and is key in helping the Police escape the sewers Princess Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne fall in love at the end of the film and are seen greeting alfred. Father Ra's Al Ghul is Miranada Tate's father and she was the real child who escaped from the pit he came back to the pit to kill all the prisoners but kept bane alive due to him helping miranada escape. It is difficult to
  2. 2. PROPP NARRATIVE FUNCTION These functions should not be seen just as events, actions or characters in themselves, but as elements in a narrative which can occur at different places. The same action can have a different meaning depending on where it occurs. P R E P A R A TI O N A community (a kingdom, family, etc.) in a state of order Gotham is Safe. A member of the family leaves home Alfred quits his job A prohibition/rule is imposed on the hero Batman is wanted. A prohibition / rule is ignores or broken Batman tries to find Bane and the police find out he's back. The villain makes an attempt at reconnaissance; tries to find something out about the hero Selina Kyle tries to steal Bruces finger prints. The villain learns something about his victim Bane finds a letter from Gordon about who the real Harvey Dent is. The villain tries to deceive the victim to gain an advantage Miranda flirts with Bruce in order to get close to him The victim is deceived and unknowingly helps the villain Batman gives the bomb to Miranada C O M P LI C A TI O N The state of order is disrupted Selina Kyle steals from Bruce and Bane overthorws the plane The villain harms a member of the family Bane's henchmen shoots Gordon A member of the family lacks or desires something Alfred wants Bruce to leave this one to the Police This lack is made known to the hero who is sent on a quest Alfred tries to use Rachel against Bruce. The hero plans action against the villain Batman Fights Bane TR AN SF ER EN CE The hero leaves home Bane chucks him into the pit. The hero is tested, attacked, interrogated: the hero receives help Bane beats batman up and breaks his back
  3. 3. The hero reacts to the donor Batman uses Fox's gadgets and his aircraft. The hero is transferred to the location where he will fulfill his quest / task Batman comes back to Gotham City ST R U G GL E There is a struggle between the hero and the villain Batman and Bane have their show off in the middle of the war between the criminals and the police The hero is branded Bruces Back gets snapped into two The villain is defeated Cat women shoots Bane with Bruce's bike The initial state of order is restored / the lack fulfilled Banes plans have failed and gotham city is once again safe. R E T U R N The hero returns Batman returns from the Pit into Gotham itself. The hero is pursed The Police try to hunt him down. The hero escapes / is rescued Bruce Wayne finally makes it out a live from the pit. The hero arrives home or some other place: he is not recognized When batman comes back from his 8 year break he finds himself not as strong as he used to be. A false hero makes a false claim Miranda says he's going to make safe energy from the Reactor. The hero is given a difficult task Bruce mus climb from the pit. The task is accomplished Batman saves Gotham city. R E C O G NI TI O N The hero is recognized They make a Batman statue The false hero / villain is exposed People realise it was actually miranada Tate The false hero / villain transforms We find out Miranda tate is fulfilling Ra's Al Ghul's destiny The false hero / villain is punished Batman crashes miranda's car.
  4. 4. The hero is rewarded (marries the princess and is granted wealth/power) Batman and Catwoman leave Gotham City