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Company Values at Jackson & Coker


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Jackson & Coker is a national physician staffing firm and part of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies. Our core values are reflected in all we do.

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Company Values at Jackson & Coker

  1. 1. Values What Drives Us at Jackson & Coker #LifeatJandC
  2. 2. At Jackson & Coker, our company values are behind all we do. #LifeatJandC
  3. 3. Esteem the Team We enjoy healthy competition. We’re motivated to succeed. But the team comes first. #LifeatJandC
  4. 4. Strive For Excellence We’re not afraid to take risks. We’re also not afraid to admit mistakes and search for better solutions. #LifeatJandC
  5. 5. Maximize Potential Here you have room to grow personally and professionally. Where do you want your career to go? It’s up to you. #LifeatJandC
  6. 6. Others First Around here, the Golden Rule still rings true. We respect each other and treat others how we want to be treated. #LifeatJandC
  7. 7. Giving back – from food drives supporting our community to teammates supporting each other – is at the heart of our company. Do the Right Thing #LifeatJandC
  8. 8. Ready to join a company that puts people first? Click here to get started.