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10 Top Smart Global Game Changers And Their Global Achievements


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Published in: Technology, Business
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10 Top Smart Global Game Changers And Their Global Achievements

  1. 1. Smart Green Global Author Jackson Mutebi
  2. 2. 1.Steve Jobs Co – founder, Chairman and executive Ceo of Apple One of world’s global business magnate Ranked as one of world’s wealthiest people Inventor of imac,ipod,iphone, and Ipod
  3. 3. 2. Bill Gates Former Ceo and current chairman of Microsoft One of world’s global business magnate Ranked among the world’s wealthiest people Revolution the world with personal computer Philanthropist of Bill& Melinda gates foundation
  4. 4. 3.Warren Buffet Chairman and Ceo of Berkshire Hathaway One of world’s global business magnate Guru in value investing Ranked among wealthiest people in the world Philanthropist of Gates foundation
  5. 5. 4.Larry Page and Sergey Brin Computer scientists, internet entrepreneurs Among the Worlds Global business magnate Both graduates from Stanford university Rank among the world ‘s wealthiest people Revolurised the way people search information vie the web Google
  6. 6. 5.Donald Trump Chairman and president of Trump organisation and founder of Trump entertainment resort One of world’s Global business magnate Global Author ,owns television show Apprentice Ranked among the wealthiest people in world Global entrepreneur in real estate developing hotels, and casinos
  7. 7. 6.Richard Branson One of world’s global business magnate Founder of virgin group and 400 companies Among one of wealthiest people in the world. Known for his Virgin brand extension virgin records- megastores-railways- airline-banks His first business venture was a magazine at age 16
  8. 8. 7.Michael Dell One of the world’s global business magnate and global author Founder and Ceo of Dell Inc Among the wealthiest people in the world Best seller of personal computers
  9. 9. 8.Magic Jordon Retired American professional basket ball Played point guard for los Angelos was selected 1979 NBA draft Career Achievement NBA ,MVP Awards nine NBA finals Member of dream team Advocate for HIV AIDS and safe sex , global entreprenuer,philantropist,broadcaster and motivational speaker
  10. 10. 9.ELON Musk A South African – American business Magnate Engineer and inventor Co-founder of space X Ceo and Product Architect of Tesla motor and chairman of solar city Co- designed the first viable electric car The Tesla Roadster a private successor to the space shuttle falcon a dragon and the world internet payment system PayPal
  11. 11. 10 Mutebi Jackson Smart green global visionary –smart green game changer of smart independent world wide consultancy Green global entrepreneur, green global innovator, green global Author Eco - Reengineered one of best green business model for his company Changed the way the world thinks in “green creativity “smart green think scoreboard . Eco- Re designed smart green millionaire mind set model to empower billions of green global entrepreneurs Eco -redesigned smart green global fund program model to eliminate global financial shocks , create global employment, reduces global recessions , reduce government debt. Green sustainable capitalism Eco- redesigned smart green billionaire mindset model to empower billions of smart green global entrepreneurs and smart green CEO’S Eco- redesigned smart green world scoreboard to eliminate total world toxic waste yet creating 100 top line green business models for both less developed countries and developed countries The list is endless
  12. 12. The sky is the limit What is your green corporate vision? How has your green global company contributed to the world global economy? What is your green global DNA ? what is your green global business model? What is your green global social sustainability strategy ? What are your performance indicators green metrics ? What is your green global bottom line ? Who is your green global partner, green venture firm, green crowd funding firms ? How many green projects have executed ?
  13. 13. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT Please send your green global questions or comment s vie the following emails Thanks once again for your support Jackson Mutebi ( Green Global Author)