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How to choose your brand spokesperson


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When the media calls for an interview, who do you send? What qualifications are you looking for in a brand spokesperson? Find out how to think like a reporter and choose the best spokesperson for your company.

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How to choose your brand spokesperson

  1. 1. How to choose your Brand Spokesperson{
  2. 2. Any volunteers?
  3. 3. Look within your company to choose a qualified Spokesperson.
  4. 4. Think like a reporter
  5. 5. Try to think outside your marketing team. Often, media professionals view marketing professionals as over-coached and unable to provide direct insights.
  6. 6. Instead, look for someone with these qualifications: Authority Strong voice, authentic voice Willing to be coached Ready for the spotlight
  7. 7. Authority
  8. 8. Choose an authority figure who is in a high-ranking or titled position (i.e. CEO, VP).
  9. 9. Or even, a subject matter expert who has a thorough understanding of the subject and able to answer detailed questions.
  10. 10. Physical attributes
  11. 11. Strong Voice, Authentic Voice who can speak clearly coming across as honest, forthright and not overly scripted.
  12. 12. Physical presence commands attention who holds the attention of others, maintains eye contact, does not shift or fidget, and looks the part.
  13. 13. Coachable
  14. 14. Willing to be coached who is receptive to media training and practices the skills in order to better manage conversations.
  15. 15. Spotlight-ready
  16. 16. Comfortable in the spotlight who is willing to go “on record,” giving interviews or speaking to large crowds.
  17. 17. Knows the message and sticks to it who doesn’t easily digress and can stay on message even when an unexpected question pops up.
  18. 18. Remember this
  19. 19. A spokesperson is just a vehicle for conveying your message. It’s what you do to prepare them (media training, speech coaching, message development) that makes all the difference.
  20. 20.