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Python code profiling - Jackson Isaac


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FUDCon 2015, Pune Presentation on Python Code Profiling.

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Python code profiling - Jackson Isaac

  2. 2. What Is Profiling?  Analysis of a program to measure the memory used by a certain module, frequency and duration of function calls and the time complexity of the same.  Such profiling tools are termed as ‘profilers’.
  3. 3. Development tools in python  Line_profiler  Memory_profiler  Clone digger
  4. 4. History of line_Profiler  Initial Release v1.0b1 (2008) by Robert Kern.  v1.0b2 (2009) – Fixes related to timing overflow on Windows.  v1.0b3 (2011) – Update Compatibility for newer versions of Cython and IPython.  v1.0 (2014, stable release) – Added compatibility for Python 3.x  Previously supported by kmike’s bitbucket fork of line_profiler.
  5. 5. Installing line_profiler  Using pip – “pip install line_profiler”  From source:  git clone  cd line_profiler  sudo python install (for python 2.7.x)  sudo python3 install (for python3)
  6. 6. Using Line_PRofiler  Adding profiler to the code: @profile def foo(bar): …  Running line_profiler:  -l  python -m line_profiler  python3 -m line_profiler
  7. 7. Live DEMO !
  8. 8. Understanding output  Function : Displays the name of the function which is profiled and its line number.  Line# : Line number of the code in the respective file.  Hits : Number of times the code in the respective line was executed.  Time : Total amount of time spent in executing the line in ‘Timer unit’ (i.e 1e-06s here). May vary from system to system.  Per Hit : The average amount of time spent in executing the line once in Timer Unit.  % Time : The percentage of time spent on that line with respect to the total amount of recorded time spent in the function.  Line Contents : It displays the actual source code.
  9. 9. advantages  Line_profiler helps us to point out which module of our code is running slower than expected by profiling the time taken by each line of code.  Helps in testing large projects, time spent by modules to execute a particular function.  Using this data we can modify and improve our code to build faster and better programs and softwares.
  10. 10. Contact  Website:  Blog:  Email:  Twitter/iJacksonIsaac  LinkedIn/JacksonIsaac   Mozillian/
  11. 11. Thank You