TeleScope™ Media Asset Management Solutions


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TeleScope™ Media Asset Management Solutions

  1. 1. TeleScope™ Media Asset Management Solutions
  2. 2. TeleScope Media Asset Management Solutions – Unleashing the Power of Video New Challenges Require Innovative Solutions Today, companies struggle with managing the vast array of digital video assets and their respective requirements. Storing digital video, providing rights-managed access to the video archive and distributing it seamlessly across distributed organizations and third party agencies is only a fraction of what they must do to remain competitive. Similarly, more than ever before, corporate marketing departments are using video as part of their core marketing activities – creating, editing, and distributing short and long form video across multiple platforms like YouTube, Cable/TV, etc. This insatiable demand for new content is pushing BM&E companies and marketing departments to their breaking point. TeleScope Media Asset Management (MAM) While there are several technology attributes worthy of consideration, our customers have helped North Plains define a core set of capabilities that are inherent of an industry-leading MAM platform, they include: Ingest Metadata Utilizing tape decks, encoders, live broadcast feeds or Before, during and after any content is digitized, descriptors digital file uploads, ingest is the point of capture into the (or metadata) for each asset are generated and assigned to TeleScope system. The ingest process creates the master enable very specific, user-defined searches to be quality file and the screening proxy and automatically conducted at any time. This eliminates the generates metadata if closed-caption text is available along time-consuming task of having to perform physical with time-dependent or scene-based thumbnails in the searches and tape screening to find the specific content. form of a storyboard. Searches across the entire library can be executed instantly from the desktop or remotely from the Web. TeleScope Key Features facilitates closed-caption extraction at the time code level » Supports broadcast media file types and makes this content keyword searchable. Search results » Supports standard deck control can be saved and searches-within-searches can be » Create any proxy format and bitrates performed at the click of a button. » QC content during ingest Key Features » Extract and capture closed-captioning » Add asset records and metadata prior to ingesting or » Read wrapper and header data uploading files » Import metadata from other systems, rundowns, CC Asset Management Files Excel XML Aside from the benefit of being able to store and retrieve » Create timecode-specific annotations assets quickly, TeleScope’s flexible design architecture » Customizable button loggers to standardize metadata easily integrates with an organization’s existing workflow creation processes, job tracking programs and external databases so » Ability to mark in and out points that there is little or no disruption to the business. Its ability » Create multiple logger templates and assign buttons, to track physical media, including bar code support means icons and other actions users can quickly check in and check out physical media » Strata (view multiple annotations simultaneously) and schedule it for ingest. » Add notes to key frames / storyboards Key Features » Track physical tape » Tape Specific Metadata Model » Check In and Out » Barcode Reader » Order Fulfillment » Integration with existing applications
  3. 3. Editing Search, Retrieval and Playing The TeleScope MAM platform accelerates the assembly TeleScope allows metadata search results to be viewed at process by compiling EDL’s for final edit and finishing. This the desktop or via a single user-friendly web browser. Users acceleration frees up valuable time in the edit suites and can browse storyboards to quickly locate needed scenes — allows editors, producers and other key contributors the greatly increasing workflow efficiency. The annotation tool ability to remotely access the content as required. allows for ongoing metadata enrichment that enhances TeleScope can then create several different formats needed future searchability. for a variety of play-to-air broadcast or Internet streaming applications. Its highly customizable user interface is Key Features accessible either on the network or Web. Users can search » Supports Mac and Windows operating systems the database for transcripts or other associated external » Supports both browser and native clients metadata via any field linked to the system. » Storyboard Viewer Key Features » Annotation Search » Create clips with key frames on a timeline » Advanced Search » Drag and Drop clips from storyboards and annotations » Saved Searches to timeline » Search within Searches » Create playlists of assets and clips » Supports both progressive downloading and streaming » Render playlists into new assets of video » Add, delete and reorder clips on timelines and playlists » Fine playback control including: fast-forward, reverse, frame-by-frame, direct scrubbing, pre-roll to particular » Create segment and clip notes for editors and frame production staff » Frame accurate timecode playback » Select to render Hi resolution Master or Proxy video » Audio scrubbing during playback » Create and Export EDL’s to Avid & Final Cut Pro » Manage multiple audio tracks in the video file (up to 16 » Frame Accurate Cuts Only tracks supported) » User-defined hot keys (emulate edit systems) Storage Management TeleScope's File Broker gives users the flexibility to store content on any device including disk, near-line robotic tape libraries and offline. This forms an essential part of an organization’s scalable disaster recovery plan in place to meet their specific business requirements, should the need arise. Key Features » Load Balancing » Disaster Recovery » Supports Multiple Storage Locations and devices » Database Management of file locations
  4. 4. Integrated, Innovative MAM Solutions for All Departments It doesn’t matter if you work in video production, marketing, the legal department or are selling the final product externally – TeleScope’s fully integrated design simplifies your ability for to across typically disparate groups. This means you can do more, better and faster than ever possible. Helping you meeting the insatiable demand for new content while achieving aggressive corporate objectives. DAM MAM Digital Asset Media Asset Management Management Network Music Engineers Library Research Licensing Legal Promo Video Production Marketing Print & Publishing Sales New Media DAM meets MAM Video Manager Bene ts » Secure storage environment for all your media assets » Instant access for the right people regardless of where they are » Cost-effective solution to bring the development of your video and other rich media asset projects in-house, » Proficiently manage your workflow process »Improve your time-to-market and beat your competition » Leverage new distribution channels and capitalize on social networking trends » Dramatically improve creative and distribution workflows
  5. 5. What’s New in TeleScope Video Manager 3 » Completely customizable, production-friendly user interface » Customizable logging templates for video annotation » Drag and drop asset to timelines trim, transcode and deliver » Integration with NLE’s, video servers and other file-based workflow systems » Advanced audio scrubbing » Multi-channel audio support The Bottom Line Every minute counts. Content creators, editors, producers and IT asset management professionals know that their time is precious as are the assets they are working with and on. The ability to quickly and securely retrieve, repurpose and simultane- ously distribute content across multiple platforms, however and whenever needed, means having more control over the costs and processes associated with an organization’s digital assets. And, ultimately, gives back more time to focus on what they do best— creating and managing the content that drives the business. Working closely with some of the industry’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies, North Plains continues to help reshape the industry standard for digital asset management in an ever-evolving digital economy. Its TeleScope MAM solution has become mission-critical to organizations that require the ability to create, access, repurpose and distribute content across multiple platforms through a single, customizable, web interface. TeleScope helps organizations streamline workflows and facilitates the migration from tape to file— giving organizations the ability to optimize their creative processes and capitalize on new revenue opportunities not previously considered possible with legacy systems.
  6. 6. About North Plains Systems Founded in 1994, North Plains Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of digital and video asset management solutions. With a portfolio of over 475 satisfied customers, North Plains’ TeleScope platform streamlines the complexity of managing challenging digital asset environments. From centralized workflow optimization, asset creation, production and virtual collaboration, to delivery and distribution, North Plains provides end-to-end solutions that scale to meet your unique business requirements. Benefit from North Plains’ proven deployment expertise and join its growing list of global customers, including: AOL, Boeing, Bowling Green State University, Gallaudet University, Harcourt, HarperCollins Publishers, Microsoft, Ogilvy and Mather, Playboy, Publicis Groupe, Publishers Clearing House, Rodale Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Utah Education Network, Viacom, and Warner Bros. Corporate Headquarters Corporate Information North Plains Systems, Inc. For more information on North Plains’ award-wining Digital Asset 510 Front Street West, 4th Floor Management and TeleScope Publishing Platform solutions, please Toronto, ON M5V 3H3 Canada visit Phone: +1.416.345.1900 Fax: +1.416.599.0808