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Service Agreement (hand-out)

  1. 1. CALIFA DIGITAL COLLECTIONS SERVICE AGREEMENT: 2009-2010 The following agreement details Califa’s hosted CONTENTdm service to support its members with creating, managing, and publishing digital collections. A. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: 1. Digital imaging: Califa members who wish to create digital collections may opt to use Califa’s master agreements to scan textual documents, graphic illustrations/artwork, maps, plans, and photographs and aerials (including film, slides, negatives, and prints) based on the California Digital Library's (CDL) Guidelines for Digital Images ( diglib/guidelines/bpgimages/) through a third party contract (Califa currently has master contracts with: Northern Micrographics and Backstage Library Works). Vendor deliverables include image files in three different formats per object scanned, formatted on CD-ROM: a GIF thumbnail image, a JPEG access image, and a TIFF archival/master image (including technical metadata within the TIFF header). Imaging services are priced on a project-by-project basis, with a Califa discount provided by the vendor. 2. Digital collection creation, management, and publication: 2.1. Creation and management Califa maintains and manages a centralized CONTENTdm digital asset management system ( whereby multiple Califa member institutions can create, manage, and publish their own digital collections. Califa provides member institutions with access to its CONTENTdm server, for the purpose of managing collections. Califa also provides a standard CONTENTdm metadata scheme for all digital collections on its server, based on the CDL's Guidelines for Digital Objects ( Ongoing use of Califa’s CONTENTdm service is also available to recipients of the Local History Digital Resources Project. • Acquisition Station: Califa provides use of a single Acquisition Station client for member institutions to create digital objects to maintain and add to their collections. Additional Acquisition Stations may be installed on a month-to-month basis. All stations have TIFF, JPEG and JPEG 2000 functionality (Note: JPEG 2000 images are presented to users in a standard Web browser with zoom and pan toolbar features). Additional stations are available for an added fee. • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Acquisition Station: An OCR Acquisition Station software package is another enhancement available to members on a project-by-project basis for an added fee. This software enables the generation of file transcripts from the OCR acquisition station. This allows the full text searching of uploaded image files (Note: this software is not effective for handwriting). Edition: March 11, 2009
  2. 2. 2.2. Publication The digital collections created by a Califa member may be private or made public through online publication, leveraging CONTENTdm's web development tools for customizing displays of collections. Additionally, online access to collections may be expanded through the following services: • Exposing collection metadata for harvesting by OCLC, for publication via WorldCat ( For more information, see • Exporting collection metadata for submission to the CDL, for publication via its Calisphere ( and OAC ( websites. For more information, contact the CDL at B. TERMS OF SERVICE: CALIFA’S RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Provide a single user account for accessing Califa’s CONTENTdm server, for the purpose of managing one or more digital collections created by a member institution. The account will allow a user at the institution to access CONTENTdm collection and item administration functions (server administrative functions are handled by Califa). 2. Provide a single user account for installing a single standard Acquisition Station client software for use on a 12 month basis. 3. Establish a single collection for use by the member institution, based on the standard CONTENTdm metadata scheme. Additional collections may be established (on request). 4. Provide one hour of staff orientation on use of the Acquisition Station and management of digital collections on the CONTENTdm server. Note this orientation is part of the $500 set-up fee. LHDRP libraries are not expected to need training or additional orientation to start-up a Califa-based service. 5. Backup of digital collection(s) data on the CONTENTdm server on a daily basis and data recovery services (on request). 6. Provide initial technical support service with use of the CONTENTdm server and Acquisition Stations. 7. Provide primary contacts at member institutions access to a listserv for service- related issues. 8. Provide a master agreement to scan textual documents, graphic illustrations/artwork, maps, plans, and photographs and aerials (including film, slides, negatives, and prints) based on the CDL’s Guidelines for Digital Images. ( utilizing a third party contract (current master contract: Northern Micrographics). TERMS OF SERVICE: MEMBER LIBRARY RESPONSIBILITIES • Will not share user account information for accessing the CONTENTdm server or installing an Acquisition Station. • Will add at least 50 images to at least one digital collection on the CONTENTdm server within a 12 month period. • Agrees to install a single Acquisition Station on a computer/workstation with the following minimum technical requirements: • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP • 32-bit x86 processor (Intel® Pentium® 4 class compatible processor or higher) • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later Edition: March 11, 2009
  3. 3. • Minimum 256MB RAM • 100MB of available hard-disk space for installation • Minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 • 128Kbps or faster connection • Dedicated IP address • Acrobat® Reader® 5.0 or Adobe® Reader 6.0 or later 2. Agrees to uninstall its Acquisition Station(s) when the service agreement expires or is terminated or when the project is completed. 3. Agrees to create collections based on the standard CONTENTdm metadata scheme provided by Califa. The metadata scheme may not be modified, but additional metadata fields may be added by the Member, as necessary. 4. Agrees not to upload any archival/master TIFF image files from an Acquisition Station to the CONTENTdm server. 5. Acknowledges that its collection(s) will be stored with collections from other Member institutions on the centralized Califa CONTENTdm server. Members will be permitted to create, manage, and publish only their own collections. 6. Acknowledges that Califa does not provide expanded CONTENTdm training services; training may be obtained through OCLC Western Service Center (for more information, see 7. Will contact Califa for initial technical support issues with use of the CONTENTdm server and Acquisition Stations. 8. Will provide Califa with a primary contact for use of these services. Member Signature:_____________________ Califa Signature: ________________________ (Print name): __________________________ (Print Name): ___________________________ Date: ________________________________ Date: ________________________________ Library: ____________________________________________________________________ C. PROJECT SCOPE: (PRICING PROPOSAL) Name of Library: _______________________________________________________ Primary Contact: ______________________________________________________ Email:______________________________ Phone: _________________________ 1: Please provide a name for your initial digital collection: ______________________________________________________________________ (note: the name can be changed once you have access to the CONTENTdm server): 2: Duration of the project (if known): ______________________________________ 3: Please describe/explain how many objects will be added to this collection during the project’s duration (Note if the Project will be multi-year) ___ Number of photographs Edition: March 11, 2009
  4. 4. ___ Number of pages of text ___ Other (Please detail) ___ Total items estimated to be added in fiscal year 4: Anticipated duration of project: 5: Indicate how many items (individual objects, not compound objects) will be maintained from previous years: ____ Items Indicate interest in any public display: ___ OCLC WorldCat service ___ CDL’s Calisphere and OAC websites (note: must be approved by CDL) Please indicate: Dedicated IP Address of Library’s Acquisition Workstation: _______________ _____________ Additional Acquisition Workstations (includes JPEG and JPEG 2000 functionality): ___ Dedicated IP Address: ________________ ___ Dedicated IP Address ________________ OCR Acq Station ___ y/n, if yes: _______________________ Dedicated IP address (if different from primary) Pricing: One-time Set up fee: $500.00* (includes use of one standard Acquisition Station for 12 months) *Note: the setup fee is waived for institutions participating in the current grant year of the Local History Digital Resources Project. New Items Management fee for new (based upon number of images added from July 1-June 30th). Minimum: $50.00 (50 images/year) Note: The library will be invoiced at the end of the year, based upon the number of items added through the year) Up to 8,000: $1.00 per image 8-16,000: $.75 per image 16-32,000: $.50 per image Edition: March 11, 2009
  5. 5. 32,000+ $.25 per image Maintenance fee: 50 cents per object (based upon number of objects in database on June 30). The maintenance fee includes the provision of one standard acquisition station to edit, update and add records during the service agreement period. Additional standard Acquisition Stations: $50.00/month Additional JPEG 2000-enabled Acquisition Station: $50.00/month Additional OCR/Text Indexing-enabled Acquisition Station: $100.00/month Customization of CONTENTdm: Detail specifications of customization: __________________________ Estimate of time to effect ___ @ $75.00/hr Summary: Number of Items Cost Sub-total Setup Fee New Items Management Minimum: fee *yr 1 $50/year Maintenance fee *yr 2+ $.050 per item Additional Acq Station $50.00/month Customization $75.00/hour Total Estimated costs Yr1 For more information or to discuss your project, please contact Califa: Roberto Esteves; Califa Library Group; 32 W. 25th Avenue, Suite 201; San Mateo, CA 94403 650.356.2131 Edition: March 11, 2009