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  1. 1. SERVICE & ASSET MANAGEMENT Altiris ® 6 Service & Asset Management Suite ™ .............................................................. ACTIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT: DON’T JUST TRACK—EXECUTE Altiris® Service & Asset Management Suite™ combines enterprise asset and service management disciplines into a single Web-based architecture, repository, and console helping unite disparate departments and processes. By actively managing the entire asset lifecycle, the suite helps organizations eliminate unnecessary software and BENEFITS hardware costs, proactively manage vendor contracts, and align service resources > Simplified implementation with ITIL to ensure IT investments are optimized. of out-of-box ITIL asset and service ACTIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT Service & Asset Management Suite’s embedded management processes Altiris pioneered active asset management, the CMDB enforces data integrity and accuracy across foundation of IT lifecycle management, enabling your company. Multiple departments and users can > Actively track IT asset disparate organizations to manage and gain visibility view and update common data, including software location, configuration, into real-time asset information from a single source and hardware details, fixed asset information, con- deployed versions, of truth. tracts, and entitlements. relationships, and historical information Through role-and-scope-based security, Service & Service & Asset Management Suite's centralized > Actively track software Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) is the Asset Management Suite creates a unique user and hardware usage basis of enterprise asset and service management experience ranging from IT to finance, procurement, for reallocation and disciplines. The suite helps unite users through or security. Users are presented with the tools contract negotiation role-specific consoles presenting the tools and and information they need to successfully complete information they need to accomplish their everyday their jobs.The suite's intuitive user interface helps > Proactively resolve your organization to be productive with little or tasks, as well as prepare for future initiatives. Because incidents and problems no training. asset and service management disciplines are to ensure asset and managed through a single, active repository within service availability Service & Asset Management Suite, management Service & Asset Management Suite packaging is based can receive up-to-date cost and performance on a maturity model, leveraging a "razor and blade" > Self-help designed to information via Altiris Web Reports™ to drive approach, allowing you to snap in additional solutions allow employees to better decision-making processes. as your initiatives change and your company matures. resolve their own issues > Real-time diagnostic SINGLE ARCHITECTURE, REPOSITORY, information to enable AND CONSOLE better business decision- Service & Asset Management Suite helps making processes IT organizations avoid wasting valuable resources building and maintaining > Snap-in, modular design integration points between inventory, solves immediate problems asset repository, CMDB, and service while building a roadmap desk tools. Each asset and service for the future management component is natively integrated through a single architecture, repository, and console.The suite's consolidated approach significantly reduces implementation time and costs, allowing your organization to realize a faster mean-time to value and focus on value-add initiatives. The Service & Asset Management Suite Quick Start provides managers with the tools they need to gain control over their IT environment. ..............................................................................
  2. 2. SERVICE & ASSET MANAGEMENT INVENTORY IS WHERE IT BEGINS SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH To effectively manage your enterprise, you need an Use Service & Asset Management Suite to accurate and comprehensive inventory of your collect inventory and usage data to create asset hardware and software environment. Service & Asset relationships within a single asset repository and Management Suite reduces the cost of identifying and CMDB.The CMDB manages hierarchical managing heterogeneous devices throughout your relationships of assets, including assets to other enterprise. Easily discover and track comprehensive configuration items, users, locations, departments, “Service & Asset Management cost centers, and associated contracts. Suite is a brilliant tool for It also provides a 360-degree view of all software auditing and metering asset relationships, which helps reduce in one package.” the risk associated with change, provides —SC ONLINE MAGAZINE the service desk with valuable information August 2003 to accurately resolve incidents, and presents detailed cost analysis of each asset you own, further reducing TCO. Users are able to quickly change the status, assign a new location, edit asset details, or dispose of assets within the suite's asset list screen. PROACTIVE VENDOR MANAGEMENT Use Service & Asset Management Suite On-the-fly updating of asset details is easy with Service & Asset Management Suite. to proactively track vendor contracts, including software license, lease, hardware information, installed software packages, enterprise, and underpinning service agreements, and OS settings for all IT assets throughout their as well as warranties and entitlements.Web Reports lifecycle. Data is normalized, consolidated, and provide in-depth details about the objects under secured in the asset repository. In addition to contract by correlating contract data with actual managing discoverable assets, Service & Asset system inventory stored within the CMDB, which Management Suite also supports the management presents reallocation and retirement opportunities. of non-discoverable assets by supplying out-of-box The suite allows you to develop vendor negotiation resource types populated through receiving and strategies, consolidate contracts, and eliminate physical audit activities. unnecessary maintenance costs associated with underutilized assets and configuration items. ASSET USAGE VISIBILITY Service & Asset Management Suite captures detailed information about desktops, notebooks, and servers and determines how many copies of an application are installed on your users' systems.The suite’s software metering technology determines which software applications are actually being used and how often, helping you to eliminate or reallocate unused licenses, prepare internal audits, and plan for future software purchases. Matching usage information to purchased license counts stored in the software license agreement allows you to more accurately gauge Use Service & Asset Management Suite to determine how assets are being used. future software needs and purchase accordingly, reducing costs and risks associated with over-buying and under-buying. ............................................................................
  3. 3. SERVICE & ASSET MANAGEMENT REDUCE SUPPORT COSTS DON’T JUST TRACK—EXECUTE Lack of hardware and software standardization leads In today's service management environment, activity to a complex environment that’s difficult to manage tracking tools are obsolete. Service & Asset and costly to support. Service & Asset Management Management Suite has revolutionized the service Suite provides visibility into hardware and software management environment by providing technicians versions and allows you to better understand what with context-aware integration to other applications areas to focus on to ensure consistency across your that help accomplish specific tasks.Technicians can organization, ultimately increasing manageability and utilize Altiris analysis and systems management tools reducing affiliated support costs. to resolve incidents and problems and execute “We are implementing Altiris change activities without leaving a Service & Asset Management record. Service & Asset Management Suite to better track and Suite provides IT with native access manage our fixed assets in to the asset repository and embedded addition to taking inventory of knowledge management to reduce our software and hardware resolution time and knowledge capture. assets. It is easy for assets like The suite brings the IT organization phones, monitors, and chairs closer to employees by allowing them to get lost in a company of to research knowledgebase articles hundreds of end users. Service for resolutions to their own issues, & Asset Management Suite as well as provide service request and gives us the ability to assign all incident logging within an employee assets to an individual user or self-help portal. department, track the use of those assets, and report on ALTIRIS SUPPORT FOR ITIL their total cost of ownership. Altiris IT lifecycle management solutions Helpdesk Smart Tasks recommend analysis and execution tools automatically. Integrated asset management are the industry’s most comprehensive will help us save money on set of applications designed to support the redundant or unused assets.” JUSTIFY FUTURE IT INVESTMENTS implementation of ITIL Service Support and Service —JOHN CHANDLER IT organizations are continually faced with prioritizing Delivery processes. Altiris has extended ITIL Network Support Supervisor technology purchases, yet purchasing departments support by introducing three main categories of OMD USA don’t often have adequate information to execute tools: process management, analysis, and execution. informed decisions. Service & Asset Management Altiris solutions allow you to follow ITIL process Suite provides historic purchase information and guidelines and leverage context-aware systems asset utilization metrics to help you make educated management tools to execute tasks throughout the software and hardware purchasing decisions based on service support process. business unit needs, not desires. SECURITY AND RESILIENCE The downloading of unauthorized applications creates security vulnerabilities and can lead to legal implications. Service & Asset Management Suite empowers you to monitor and set policies to eliminate the introduction of unauthorized applications into your environment by automatically denying installations and allowing the removal of specified applications.The result is a secure and compliant software environment. With Service & Asset Management Suite, you can manage all contract types from a single console. ............................................................................
  4. 4. SERVICE & ASSET MANAGEMENT SARBANES-OXLEY—AN IT PERSPECTIVE Increased awareness of IT expenditures and operational transparency set by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act require that companies create greater efficiency within their IT operations. Service & “Altiris Service & Asset Asset Management Suite helps Management Suite offers good organizations implement necessary scalability and is a part of IT controls to ensure mission-critical an entire IT management systems are supported, available, and solution. It can manage all your secure while managing related IT asset physical assets including PDAs expenditures.Tracking the lifecycle but also the software licenses of IT assets provides detailed cost and contracts associated with information related to procuring, all your assets. It does this in a provisioning, implementing, supporting, Service & Asset Management Suite makes gathering comprehensive inventory way which is very easy to and retiring of assets.The suite tracks information within its single asset repository a snap. understand and it's backed up all IT asset- related expenditures, by excellent support offerings.” depreciation, accounts for fraud, and —ZDNET AUSTRALIA reconciles asset repository information (In awarding Service & Asset with financial system data. Management Suite “Editor’s Choice” in a March 2004 DEPLOYMENT AND SCALABILITY shoot-out.) Service & Asset Management Suite uses advanced technologies such as XML, Microsoft SQL, and Transaction Server, as well as Web protocols, such as TCP/IP, to ensure flexible deployment options and provide maximum scalability. The suite’s optimized server/client communications and accommodating infrastructure allow you to support LAN clients, poorly-connected WAN sites, as well as mobile and remote The custom asset view provides users with asset query and edit capabilities. users. Use Altiris suite components to deploy quickly and easily, and support inventory and usage data from tens of thousands of systems in a production environment, all without deploying a large number of servers or impacting how users run applications. TRY SERVICE & ASSET MANAGEMENT SUITE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR FREE! Altiris Agent Minimum Requirements Service & Asset Management Suite requires that you Get your 30-day, fully- install and configure the Altiris Notification Server™. > Operating system—Windows 95 or later functional evaluation > Available disk space—5 MB disk space for Altiris copy of Service & Asset Notification Server Minimum Requirements Agent, plus space to install required software Management Suite at > Processor—Pentium lll 800 MHz or faster > Memory—64 MB RAM > Memory—1 GB RAM > Browser—Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later > Hard drive—20 GB > Operating system—Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 Server > Database—Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 > Browser—Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later Copyright © 2005, Altiris, Inc. All rights reserved. Altiris is a registered trademark, and Service & Asset Management Suite, Client Management Suite, Contract Management Solution, Helpdesk Solution, Notification Server, Server Management Suite,TCO Management Solution, and Web Reports are trademarks of Altiris, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other brands and names are the ........................................................................... property of their respective owners. 91219-01 100305