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Real Estate Resources

  2. 2. - Great source to list your Section 8 Rentals - Another great source to list any Section 8 Rental Properties - HUD Fair market rents for every county in the US. REAL ESTATE NEWS - Daily Real Estate News - International Real Estate Digest LANDLORD INFORMATION –Tenant check and background screening services – Nationwide Tenant screening services - Links to State specific Landlord/Tenant Laws in addition to many other useful resources for landlords –Information site/resource for Landlords REO & FORECLOSURE SITES – Foreclosure Listings - Homes for sale by US Government - USDA Homes For Sale – Asset Management company that markets HUD homes - HUD Foreclosures - Freddie Macs searchable database - Fannie Mae Property Search – REO liquidation company - Countrywide Foreclosure Listings - Integrated Asset Services, REO listings – Premiere Asset Services, REO Listings Integrated Asset Services -Citi Mortgage -Chase Bank - Bank of America -REO Source - Premiere Asset Services - HSBC Bank - National City Mortgage - General Services Administartion - IRS Properties - M & T Bank _ IndyMac Bank
  3. 3. -Hud - Us Marshalls - Branch Bank & Trust HOUSING DATA & RESEARCH - Real Estate Data and Research Site - Hendricks and Partners Sales & Research Firm - Real Estate Information & Research - A portal to assessors’ offices and county recorder nationwide – US Government Census data/demographics etc. - Property Insurance History Database info. They also sell background check info. – Excellent way to search on distant properties locations – County Government Information - Access County Recorder Info - Public access to court records - FREE property listing database for owners and agents. - Public Records Database – Public Records Database – tax offices, etc. Real Estate Exchange - Nationwide listing of properties for sale with owner terms and exchange. Real Estate Records Search - Current and historical records, including mortgages and real estate ownership on properties. - Title search engine - City Profiles - Marcus and Millichap Research Firm SOURCES FOR COMPS - Fidelity National Information Services Valuation Site - Free Instant Nationwide Home valuations – Nationwide Home Valuations - Free Nationwide Home Valuations HOMES FOR SALE – NAR’s Nationwide listing of homes for sale – Nationwide homes for sale and market reports by city and state.
  4. 4. CALCULATORS - Mortgage Calculator - Mortgage Calculators - Mortgage Calculators REAL ESTATE CLUBS – National Association of Internet Real Estate Investors – North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association – San Diego Creative Investors Association – Orange County, CA Real Estate Forum – Real Estate Investor Network, Orange County, CA SOCAL Creative Investors Association – Orange County, CA Real Estate Investment Club - Saint Louis Wealth Improvement Network – Saint Louis Real Estate Investors Association – Hawaii Real Estate Investors – Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (Phoenix) - South Carolina Real Estate Investors Association - Georgia Real Estate Investors Association – Broward County FL Real Estate Investors Association – Dade County, FL Real Estate Investors Association – Association of Independent Real Estate Owners – American Investors of Real Estate Online CONTACTS AND PUBLIC RECORDS - The Ultimate Yellow Pages - Lookup Telephone Number Search - Reverse Lookup Directory - Public Data Searches
  5. 5. ECONOMIC AND NEWS SITES - Monthly forecasts for the California market – They are usually very optimistic - Interesting web site with data on the economy, real estate, crime etc. - Housing Market News - National Financial News Service. Mortgage industry newspaper FORECLOSURE RESOURCES - Free Trustee Sale info - Weekly list of HUD properties - Real Estate trends from Data Quick – Good Source SOURCES FOR RENT LEGAL RESOURCES Federal Fair Housing Laws - – Complete text of laws - Forms from HUD Secretary of State - - California Corporation Lookup Investor's National Lobby Group - – Support lobbying efforts to keep fair laws for investors and homeowners ONLINE PUBLICATION FOR INVESTORS Listing of Publications -
  6. 6. WEB RESOURCES, BLOGS & ARTICLES Getting Things Done - - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity - David Allen's GTD official site - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Working Smart - The alternative to working hard! - - Blog of Michael S. Hyatt. To-Done! - is a regularly updated collection of thoughts, writings, tips, tricks and information on personal productivity, work/life balance and getting things done. - More than 100 important thinking skills helping you to become highly effective and excel in your career. Time Management Skills - - This Mind Tools section shows you how to manage your time, maximize effectiveness and live an excellent life! Personal Goal Setting - - Learn how to set and achieve your personal goals with Mind Tools. - articles about being productive at work and managing time. Personal Development - A blog by Gleb Reys with various articles on time management and goal setting GROUPS, FORUMS & DISCUSSIONS Getting Things Done - - Public Forum GTD Tips & Techniques - - Google group Using of Pocket PC devices in implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done system - - Yahoo group SKIP TRACING RESOURCES - Private Investigator Magazine - Good source - Reverse phone lookup - Search for owners - Good source for cheap skip tracing – Find People
  7. 7. SELF DIRECTED IRA’S Ebook - - How To Buy Real Estate With a Self Directed IRA – Pensco - Mid Ohio Securities - Entrust Administration (Use your IRA to invest in Real Estate - Its Tax Deferred!!! Check out to see how your IRA can make you money for your future retirement, tax deferred or tax free!) CREDIT BUREAUS – Experian Credit Bureau –Transunion Credit Bureau – Equifax Credit Bureau TAXES IRS Withholding Calculator -,,id=96196,00.html MARKETS Top 20 Markets – Appreciation - Click Here For More Guides >>
  8. 8. Thank you for reading and I hope you take advantage of all these resources!